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Tartare Sauce Review: Simply Delicious!

Organic Tartare Sauce


Tartare sauce is a common accompaniment to fish dishes to give it a boost of flavor. I usually enjoy a dollop of this tangy sauce when I dip a piece of fish in it. I don’t use it when the fish is cooked with a sauce or in a soup but the pan fried, seared, or the classic fish and chips are my favorite fish dishes to use this sauce for!
Unlike other favorite dishes I usually crave for, I haven’t attempted (or even thought) to make the tartare sauce at home. Probably because I only needed a tiny bit of it to bring an extra “oomph” of flavour to my fish dishes and I don’t want to keep it sitting inside the fridge since it won’t last too long without preservatives. I also don’t want to eat a lot of  fish just so I won’t throw the extra tartare sauce. Well, those are the reasons I could think of, apart from the fact that I am just plain lazy.

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Last weekend, we went against the grey clouds and headed to Howth – a bay area famous for fresh seafood. Of course, if it is a place to buy high-quality seafood, it is also a place to buy the accompaniment to seafood – including tartare sauce! I was shopping (hoarding) for fresh fish at Beshoff’s when my husband told me to buy a bottle of tartare sauce. He handed me this bottle of Simply Delicious Organic Tartare sauce. I thought it was just enough to accompany the salmon and tuna loin fillets I bought!
Last night, I cooked the tuna loin steaks for dinner and opened the bottle of tartare sauce to try. Similar to any food items I try, I took a sniff to tease my palate. Well, as expected, it had that tangy, mayonnaise smell. It even reminded me of Lady’s Choice Pickle relish that my aunt usually mixes with her chicken macaroni back home (ugh, major craving for that one right now!).
Moving on, I cooked the tuna loin medium well so there’s a slightly pink center. I didn’t want to cook it well-done since the tuna was so fresh it will pass for sashimi even!
I then dipped the tuna barely touching the tartare sauce to taste. It tasted nice. Just the right balance of saltiness and acidity. It was unlike other bottled tartare sauce I tried in the past where it can be overly salty or sour! I think they did a great job making sure that the gherkins and capers included in the mix did not overpower the sauce! I ended up smearing the tuna loin with the tartare sauce it is like me putting on sunscreen when on a beach, LOL!
The organic food label is a bonus since it is nice to buy food items that are EU certified organic. But it is not something I’d clamor as a must! Overall, it is something I will buy again especially when going to have fresh fish for dinner!

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