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Stupor Stars; basic self destruction (male model)

Standard story.    Actor struggles for years.   He’s married, and his wife helps him survive during the years he is chasing his dream.  Then, he gets a break.   The spotlight is on him, people being to know his name.

At this point he does one or all of the following Stupid things.

a) If he is a television ‘star’, appearing in a popular show, he decides to leave the show for the movies. 99.999% of these ‘stars’  blink out.

b) If he is in movies, as his fame peaks he will to succumb to the worst gold diggers on the planet, and leave his long suffering wife for some gal with a price tag, who will take his money, ride his fame, then as his star fades, she’s out of there with his money and property.

c) He is at the threshold of fame when he decides he needs more money, more air time, more more more and gets dropped back into oblivion.

It happens to so many that it is virtually the ‘pattern’.

If one looks at ‘names’  of the stars of the late 1970s into the 80s, many are barely known to the public today.  They have been gone so long from the spot light they seem to fall into the 1940s and 50s as there is so much emptiness between who they were then, and the fact they are virtually nobody today.

It isn’t that they ‘got old’, because many of those who are their age can still be seen, until they call it quits.  It is not that no one is interested in them, it is that real stars may feel too old to continue, they were dropped years from their expiry date.

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There something about the egos of these people which pushes them forward but also tosses them down.

They think they are far more significant then they are.  They feel they can do anything.  They drown in their own ‘talent’.    They are easy prey for the trashiest gals on the planet, females who know how to seduce them and get their money.

The public, rather disgusted with their attitudes and behaviour, cease to support them.   They appear in flops and their names no longer are front page.   The female who seduced them, took their money, now moves on, leaving them looking stupid.

Where often they might have had at least ten more years of popularity if they hadn’t made fools of themselves, they disappear.

It is such a standard pattern that once can usually predict exactly what is going to happen next.

The standard story is; Actor comes from nowhere after years of struggle. Appears in movie. Gets a lot of attention.  The next movie garners more.  If he is married, out of the cess pool comes a female who easily seduces him.   He is divorced, much to the disgust of his fans, marries the female, who takes him for what he has.  The public walks away.   The female divorces him, and he then goes on to appear in a few flops before slipping into oblivion.


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