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Shopping For Comfort and Style

Do you shop for comfort or for style?

There are people who buy things, example is a pair of shoes or sandals. They buy a pair because they needed something to wear for walking comfortably. So she had in mind a very soft, leather-strapped sandals which is casual yet so very nice looking she can wear it even when going to church or other casual events.

Comfortable Shoes/Sandals

Ever since I was financially capable to buy a good pair of shoes or sandals; this was when I had my first job, I always preferred to wear very comfortable shoes or sandals because the nature of my job requires a lot of walking or standing; or going places. So I chose very durable, easy to wear, shoes or sandals.

My shoes then were usually leather, flat, and soft, like wearing rubber shoes. Or it can be sandals, also leather, and easy to dry especially when I have to walk on floody streets during rainy season. Sometimes I also wear waterproof shoes because I feared that flood waters has so many bacteria or viruses in it, particularly leptospirosis from rat’s urine.

It should also be comfortable to wear even if I ran, chasing people , or chasing events.

Buying Locally-Made Footwear

There is a place in our country that is famous for shoes, and other footwear making. The town is called Marikina, where small shoe traders manufacture shoes, and other footwear that are of world-class for durability and style. So during those days when I was still so young to ride public transportations, I went there when I need a good pair of shoes or sandals. It is especially designed according to my specifications, which is primarily for comfort.

The Marikina shoe makers/traders also set up a place in Cubao, Metro Manila where buyers can go to choose footwears. It is called the Marikina Shoe Expo. It is relatively cheap, and durable.

Dying Industry

Now, many shoe makers stopped making shoes, unlike in earlier days when almost every household there had a small shoe shop. They lamented that raw materials like leather, had become so pricey. Another is the stiff competition when very cheap imported shoes from China were allowed to be sold in the country.

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But one can attest to the durability of Marikina-made shoes compared to some imported cheap ones.

Shoe/Footwear Industry Being Revived

Now, I think they are trying to help the Marikina shoemakers in reviving the industry. One shoe maker made a special shoes he offered as a gift to President Duterte. Some notable people also patronize the Marikina-made shoes to help the small shoemakers to have a sound business, and for the industry to live long in spite of stiff competition.

It is a sad state of some industries, like the shoe/footwear industry when industry giants from other countries “eat”up the market for the locals. It is up to the people to patronize their own products to help local businessmen.

Like the Marikina shoe/footwear industry, Filipinos can help make it alive by buying locally-made footwear that are known for comfort and durability.

Sorry folks, my topic was about shopping for comfort or for style, but my mind drifted to local shoe industry in Marikina, Metro Manila. This is quite nostalgic, because yesterday, when my husband went to a store inside a mall in our place, I was so happy to know that they are still selling Marikina-made shoes.

I told the sales lady that I was a fan of Marikina-made shoes for its durability. Now I am also looking for very comfortable sandals that I need for walking a lot. But for morning walks, I use a comfortable rubber shoes.

Do you shop for comfort or for style?

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    • is not that awesome, the best therapy is shopping therapy for any issue you have or will have absolutely i like to do shopping online more often now a days, though i like to go stores real stores i mean and shop from there, but online is different fun, its online money and you just press the button and viola what you like at your home door ejoy. I like to shopo in all the iternational sites not only local sites, in this way you get more styles and prices ranges also, with that said i feel like i have to go do something right this time, i do not know whats the trick in shopping, but i know its nice to do

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