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Good night one and all. I hope you’re enjoying your day where you are. I am having a rather sweet day over here in New York. I am finding many things to enjoy online.I find my joy in being on the computer the best. I did find myself outside, a few times.I ended up going to the store to food shop. It’s amazing how we are paying so much for something we just can’t live without. The better you try to eat the higher the price of the food. I am cutting a buck here and there each time I go. I found that cutting out steak was big for me.

If you are going to the food store try to have a meal first. I was going long ago while not eating. I found all kinds of extra goodies in my cart. I don’t like that at all, to be honest. I recently found that the store had a few good sales. Even on stuff I know I need but had some already. it was the 15 rolls of plenty towels. I could never have too much of those. if you’re able to you might as well stock up. They were $8 each. Why not. If you are going to use them you need not put that off for a later day when it’s higher in price.

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I think it’s coming time for the weather to change for many of us. if you’re able to save money on the sweets you buy outside. Do that for your family. Check out the high price of ice cream on the community truck. Then go to the store and see what you save on a sale. You can’t go wrong buying clearance items either. They are just as good as the regular just a few bucks or cents lower.

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    • Actually, we should know always take note of how much what we are buying are in stores. SO, when you go to a different store, you can compare. If the prices are expensive, then maybe just buy one and just buy the others at the store were they are cheaper.

      Sometimes, we have to be wise buyers. Look if they have promos on certain items you need.

      I almost bought one time, a dozen of hair reborn treatment in sachets. However, good thing the sales lady upon my paying the purchases, told me that she was able to punch a purchase of those in promo, with one sachet free.

      So, I asked what part are they and the bagger accompanied to where it is. When I saw it, I bought about 6 dozens because I just let my 4 sisters pay for me later a dozen each, since they use them too.

      See, we should first scout at the store if they have a promo of what we need.

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