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Promoting your Blog Through Quora

I have learned about lot of traffic sources lately. And thought a lot of them are worth promoting your blog posts. You can make some good money by promoting them through these social media sites. You can find that quora is one such resource where you can promote your website or links. Though there are not many strict rules, you can do a lot of promotion for the content with some efforts. And I have found that with enough visitors checking your website, you can make some good money. You just have to focus on your content and regularly promote it through the answer. So in this article we are going to take a look at why quora is a good resource for those who are going to use it as a traffic source. So let’s see why it is a good source for traffic.

Organic Traffic

When you answer any question on quora, you get to add some links into the answers. And this way you can easily promote your website links. You can find that people are going to click on the link. You can then generate some traffic towards your website. I have seen people using their youtube channel, blog and other links to get some traffic. Though some of the people are finding it harder to generate regular traffic through this. But it can be good and as good as organic traffic through search engine.


One of the good things about the quora is that you can build some good backlinks to your website. And google these days spend time crawling the quora. And this means your link is going to be accepted. And that in itself is a good thing. You have to focus on the backlinks in each answer. I have found that it can be a good thing that you are adding the backlinks. You should focus on adding 10 backlinks each month. More won’t help much and may trigger their spam system. So make sure you avoid that type of the stuff. I suggest you to consider adding some links in your answer. Every second or third answer from you should have one backlink.

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There is definitely some value for those who want to improve SEO. I have seen some people making good use of the SEO value of quora. They spend the time through the backlinks and keywords. So this definitely does help for those who want to get the most out of the content. And the traffic source in itself does helps. So I suggest thinking about it. Making some connections. And this can be one way to gain some SEO value out of the platform. I must say there are times when you spend time there interacting with the content. It does help out to some extent. You should consider adding some SEO value.

In reality, this type of traffic source can build you some good value for the site. And also getting initial content for your website is possible with quora’s questions too. You can make some decent money through that.

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    • Lots of people tout the benefits of sharing your blog post links via Quora but I'm not very active at Quora. If it works it works. But on the rare occasions when I do pop in at Quora, I'm usually looking for information and not providing answers. :) That's been my experience. I have actually used the Quora blogging platform. It's OK but doesn't suit my purposes.

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