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Online Business: Lessons To Learn

What is online business

Online business or e-bueiness is any kind of business or commercial transaction that includes sharing of information across the internet.

This definition by Google is very comprehensive and covers all activities done in the name of online business. Often online business has its own challenges which every newbie in the business has to acquaint with.

There seems to be many sites promising heaven here on Earth. They promise ‘get rich quickly’ scheme with doing exactly nothing. We must all know what comes easy also goes away easy. If the deal seems to be so good then think twice. Online business is not a bed of roses. It is struggle to survive. One needs invest prudently, be very intuitive and cash on profits at the right time.

Online business is a vast venture which entails doing different activities to earn. One has to learn the tricks of every department seriously.

There is content writing where SEO features prominently. SEO or Search Engine Optimization are set rules to ensure your content features in SERPS thus attracting traffic to your blog or website. One has to learn all the tricks pertaining to this business.

There arises mining and trading in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin features prominently though there are other altcoins. One has to learn how to mine and trade at an opportune time. These digital currencies normally rise and fall due to demand and supply. Just like the weather changes, one has to learn signs of falling and rising in order to cash in at the right time.

Surveys, CPA, influencer sites are also available and are part and parcel of online business. One has to learn their tricks too.

Forex investments and trade are not to be left behind when we discuss e-business. They form an intergral part of the whole system. There are many others not discussed here. This does not mean they do not exist but are there too.

Challenges of online business

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1. Beware of scammers

They will fleece you of the last cent you have.

2. Information and document seekers

They need your personal details and those of your friends. They will use them to their gain and believe you me, you will never earn from them.

3. Peanut payers

They are legit but what they pay is too small. You will spend your valuable time to earn peanuts.

4. Losing money through exchanges

Some exchanges will charge high fees to transact for you and thus losing money. Sometimes your hard earned money will be lost enroute.

5. Some sites come and go

Very many sites come online and go in the same way. Beware of them.


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