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MY Top 5 Anime. WHAT’S YOURS?

We all have favorite anime in our minds, when we were just a child or even when we are at 20 of age or even at 60’s I guess hehe, but now I am going to tell you my top 10 Anime and I guess you should watch these list:

We will start it from number 5 to number 1 for the suspense. Again this is only my top 10 don’t be affected too much If I did not choose your favorite anime as number 1 in my list.

5.  Flame of Recca
I usually saw this Anime since I was 7 years old  and it really COOL!! It is a story of a school guy name Recca hanabishi that is pretending to be a ninja, he always got himself in trouble because he always said in public that who ever beat him will earn his service as a loyal Ninja, but to make the story short He really does become a real ninja with fire powers (8 FLAME DRAGONS)  He gave his service as a ninja to Yanagi Sakoshita the Girl with healing powers. Recca got in too many troubles just to save her princess Yanagi but ofcourse with the help of his powerful gang 🙂 Watch this I’m sure it is worth your time.

4. Ghost Fighter
Well Ghost Fighter is the Classic!! the plot line is very unique. It is about Yusuke Urameshi (In Philippine TV it is EUGENE). from the beginning Yusuke really not thought that his life is not that valuable to others, he always got trouble in school and always been scolded by the school principal. Until one day he saw a boy that will be run over by the car, he does saved the boy but in exchange for it he was the one that got run over by the car, to make the story short he notice that he became a spirit and he saw those person that really cares about her existence and cry out loud seeing his dead body in the casket. His Ghost/Spirit was greeted by botan the woman who introduces herself as the pilot of the River Styx. The son of the underworld King Enma named Koenma gave Eugene a chance to proclaim again his life on earth by fighting against demon and by keeping the title underworld detective. You can watch it online if you are interested, now lets go to number 3.

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3. Dragon ball Z to Dragon Ball Super
Dragon ball is really popular in the whole wide world not only in Asians but also in Western Country, Dragon Ball Z and Super is about Goku and his family/friends/relatives protecting the whole world from any attacks (mostly alien attacks) the Anime introduces martial arts as their fighting style. Goku and some of the other character are also aliens from other planet, Goku’s planet is planet Vegetta this is where most of the saiayans live but sadly it was destoryed by Frieza a villain, Ironically by the help of Gokus saiyan power and the love his Family/friends and relatives he fought victorious against those evils who want to destroy the earth and also gain revenge against Frieza who destroyed their own Planet.

2. Sword Art Online
Now lets go to Millenial Age, Sword Art Online is about RPG Game that came into life!! how cool is that!, the name of the main character is Kirito he is beater (beta tester and a cheter) the game has no log out option making the players stuck in the game until someone finished the game Sword Art Online.

Sorry Sword Art Online if I tell your story short I just got excited by One Piece :). Now lets go to my favorite I dont know how many years past since I started watching One Piece now the Episode is 818 how vast the story line of this anime is made by the great EIICHIRO ODA SENSEI hahahaha. The story is about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy wanting to be the king of the Pirates, he travels the sea in finding ONE PIECE (once you found it the world will declare you as the king of the Pirates. Luffy started the adventure by building his crew first, Zoro, Usopp, Nami, Zanji, Chopper, Brook, Robin, Franky. The story will give you laughter but also will make your tears fall, I don’t want to spoil you so just watch the episodes online. The story got also interesting because of the concept that Oda put into this Anime, getting information from other books and apply it to the story, the design of the place the story of the arch, the name of the characters, you will get amazed when many of those details comes from the history and current places that we can see in real life! So guys watch one piece !! I guarantee you time is not a waste watching this anime.


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