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My Gastric Bypass Journey- A personal weight loss story- What can I eat?

Following the first 6 months to a year after your gastric bypass surgery you are in the part of your life that will determine how well you will succeed.  Food. Eating. What to eat.

Staying on a plan can be a drag. We typically have dieted all our lives and it did not work for us, or we would not have required the surgery.  Know what you can eat can help you make healthy choices from any menu. Failing to plan though is planning to fail. Seriously.

I know I cannot eat what made me fat in the first place. I also know my “trigger foods” and you should too. If you say you do not have trigger foods… check yourself, you do, or you wouldn’t have required surgery. For me they are crackers, pizza, fast foods. For some it is soda or sweets. If you know what it is- don’t go there. Don’t start.

Keep your calorie count in lower than your calorie count burnt. If you want a piece of pizza that bad are you willing to run a few miles to eat it?

Here are a few ideas of what is known to work:

  • Choose foods that are nutrient dense. Bread is not nutrient dense. An apple, banana, fish, etc. are nutrient dense foods.
  • Do not drink your calories. It won’t fill you up and most caloric drinks are filled with sugar.
  • Expect an emotional roller-coaster. Don’t let food be your comfort. Create a plan.
  • Chew your food thoroughly and take your time eating.
  • Plan what you will eat if you’re going out. Ask for half the portion size at restaurants. You may get a discount and you won’t be tempted to overeat.
  • Make water your new best friend. Drink it regularly throughout the day. Buy a reusable 64 oz bottle that you can carry to work with you. Make sure you finish the entire bottle each day. But remember not to drink with meals (this helps prevent stretching your pouch).


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Seems easy right? Wrong. I need to remind myself every day that I need to choose to feed my body and not my “fat brain”. I do find that I have become a food snob. My first week out of the hospital I was watching food network shows looking for recipes for real food. All while I was sipping an ounce of water.


Start a Pinterest board for low carb foods. Join free support groups that offer cooking tips. Carb Maven, Bariatric eating, KETO groups are all ones that I follow.


Stay the course and be the new you that you deserve to be.


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