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My Gastric Bypass Journey- A personal weight loss story -Aches and Pains

I thought my aches and pains would go away when I lost weight. I was wrong. Well not wrong necessarily- the original aches and pains of knees and feet and hips went away and new ones appeared as my body changes.

Mechanically your body has compensated for your weight. Your gait changes when you walk, you may lean forward or waddle, and as the weight falls off after gastric bypass you find you change the way you move, and you hurt.

For me, making use of my insurance and my primary physician  directions led me to physical therapy for “gait therapy”, learning to walk again.  Pool therapy is wonderful. Walking a treadmill underwater takes the pressure off the joints and teaches you to walk consciously. Yes, that is thinking while you are walking “left…right..left…hips first”.  Did you know you should enter a room hips first? Marilyn Monroe did. You do not have to swing your hips like her but I guarantee if you think “left…right..left…hips first”.  You will notice a difference in how your hips and lower back feel. (you might also get a date if you are so inclined, ha-ha)

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I have also noticed that since I have lost 10 inches off my hips that my “sit upon” hurts.  Not my tail bone but that area between your… well suffice to say my “sit upon”.  I have adjusted my chairs, added cushions and stand often. It has gotten better over the last month, perhaps I am getting used to it, but I am thankful.  Don’t be surprised when you get those new pains. Check with your surgeon- your friend for life- and confirm it is not anything other than readjusting your mechanics.

What else can you do for those aches and pains when you don’t or can’t take any pill form medications? I have found that doTERRA essential oils are a big help. For everything from insomnia to hair loss.  Watch for my next blog for details on how I use them…

They say “nothing feels as good as being slim” They are not wrong- but it is not pain free. But it is worth it. It is pain I can live with. Where being fat is something I cannot live with.

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    • You ought to endure the pain no matter how tough it is. Life have teaches us many things. Nd goes in accordance with life coping skills

    • Hello Zayn. While I understand the "growth through pain" concept the actuality of doing it is, well, painful. We all seek ways to dull the pain. Some with food, some with medications and some with enlightenment. As it was once written, if you personally are ok with pushing through "you are a better man that I Gunga Din".

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