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Music Is So Essential For Our Life

We all love to listen music and its like a part of our life. I don’t remember a day when i didn’t listen any music. In fact many studies proved that music is a great healer and helps a lot and even works as stress buster as well and it also helps in increasing our productivity as well and also in making us feel happy and good as well.  Just imagine a situation if music is banned then what would be your reaction. Actually in the old times, the kings used to ban music, it was at the time of bulle shah and reason for banning music was that king thought it’s the music that gives the people power to do well. And for some kings we have heard that they like so much music that they hire musicians to entertain them and all art lovers love music. Be it be of any kind of music.
Music is also a very nice field to work as well and all artists’ are paid well as well and also they are treated with good amount of respect as well as Music is a art and its the way through which we can even unite with God as well. In Sikhs, Hindus and even in Muslims music which is devotional is used to unite with god, to pray to God and to please God as well. It’s the spirituality of music which attracts all and all love it to pray and revise the name of God in that way. That’s why music is of utmost importance to all and we can feel well after listening to music, it depends on particular person if it likes the normal music or the spiritual and devotional music. If we take a look at the history the founder of Sikh Religion Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji also used a instrument which is called “ Rabab” with the help of Bhai Mardana Ji to recite Gurbani ( Sikh Teachings) and helped people in uniting them with God.
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    • I love love love listening to music. I think there is a song out there for every emotion you are feeling, if you are sad there's a song to cheer you up,if you are happy there is a song to help make you feel even happier, and the list goes on and on. So very true Music is absolutely Essential For Our Life.

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