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We all know or encounter this element or chemical chromium. Our body needs chromium, not only this, there are several chemical compounds that are built in our body and absence of them can cause bad sicknesses to get into our body. We have like calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron and more. In fact, my student after ignoring his dehydration due to bowel movement problem, he lost body potassium that led him to lost consciousness, then he was in a comatose state  , and after 24 hours, he died. The cause was, he was out of body potassium. He was a graduating student. He forgot to listen to his own body.

Now in relation to blood sugar level, it will be wise for you if sick with this to observe what doctors suggest for they spent years studying just to help patients save their lives and have the possibility to live too long. That is what we dreamed of to love too long so we can enjoy life to the fullest.

Back to chromium, it is an important mineral that greatly improves your body’s ability to remove glucose from your bloodstream.   In addition, chromium helps your body’s natural insulin to metabolize fat, which means it burns fat. Chromium also aids in muscle-building. It also helps convert blood sugar into energy. Wow, so nice, the question now is the right source for this mineral. Where could you get chromium?

What is required of you is to eat foods, fruits that contain chromium for your body is deficient of this mineral, thus making you sick of diabetes. Also, you might have taken lots of carbohydrates. so you need chromium to let your body fight against bad sicknesses. According to medical doctors, eating lots of sugary

foods depletes your chromium reserve. The best chromium is the chromium polynicotinate. Seek advice from your doctor as to the right supplements that contain this kind of chromium

These are the foods that contain chromium and their preparations. By the way, doctors said that the amount varies because of agricultural and manufacturing process. It adds that foods high in simple sugars tend to be low in chromium. These are the following fruits and vegetables and the right amount to prepare:  1/2 cup of broccoli, 11 micro grams; 1 tsp of dried garlic, 3 mcg; 1 cup of orange juice, 2 mcg; 1 cup of grape juice, 8 mcg; and 1/2 cup of green beans, 1 mcg.

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Good luck , to God be the glory.


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    • If you only happen to read my blog, you will be lucky. I spent many hours researching on this so I can help those who are sick with diabetes.Those sick of this have low body chromium supply, thereby, the patient must supply the body to make body stronger and diabetes gradually declines its source. You can find in the below part of my blog the foods and the exact measurement to take to make this recommendation effective.

    • Those who are sick of blood sugar low or high, this is now the moment to be happy. Only fruits can heal your sickness. Yes, there are so many fruits and vegetables that cure your blood sugar. If you have high blood sugar, try to eat the foods mentioned here in my blog. I was doing day and night research just to help people having high blood sugar. If you have high blood sugar, there will be many complications your body may accommodate to terminate them in a simple and easiest ways.

    • Those foods that are expensive are the most valuable foods our body needs, Even milk cannot match the natural nutrients that are in foods. We can have the complete requirements of milk in mg if drink all unlike the fruits and foods so complete. What we notice after we eat the best foods ,like celery, spinach, apples, parsley, we feel so active and the while day we are on the go. There seems magic,there is no need to take capsules to gain strength for anti stress, just vegetables and our body will be all right.

      We can add meat to our veggie but at the right measurement especially those old people They are required to measure their foods if sick with something malicious.
      Heath is wealth and we all aspire to live too long and disease free.

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