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Money, Position & Happiness – What We Don’t Know About! (Part-V)

Part V of VII Parts

(This is a 7 blog series covering the titled topic. The breaking in small parts are intended to keep the article from being too long or dry. If you like it please continue to read all the blogs of the series before you conclude anything. Thanks and happy reading.)


When we get regard, courtesy or protocol we think we are getting happiness. But in reality on getting these things, we create thoughts of liking. With these thoughts of liking we feel happy. So it is actually a programming of what I like. If I don’t get what I like, I am not happy. I am also not happy till I get what I like. On the other hand, we want happiness all the time. Isn’t this is a CONTRADICTION? So on one hand we need happiness all the time and on the other hand we are putting in conditions for achievement of the same. I would only be happy when…………. And whatever comes on the dotted lines are the conditions which we lay down for ourselves to be happy. It never occurred to us that we live in such a contradiction day in and day out.


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We tend to think that to achieve something big, we need to sacrifice our temporary happiness and when we achieve that something big, we become even more happier. Let us not get ourselves wrong. We need to reframe our thoughts. Goals are for actualization of true potential. When we achieve higher goals, we bring about far reaching impact on our environment. That way we actualize our true potential. However, our happiness is independent of our goals, we are always happy. In order to achieve a big goal, we need to sacrifice our present comfort not happiness. When we achieve the bigger goal we have actualized our true potential but even then we are as happy as we were initially or during the course of sacrificing our comfort.


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