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Mojeaga Herbal Natural Blood Builder

Naturally made by Africa



People suffering from shortage of blood(Anaemia)

*Sickle Cell sufferers

*People recovering from Sickness/Surgery

*People suffering from Dizziness and Stress

*People suffering from General Weakness and old people

*People with poor Appetite and low immunity Main Benefits

*Contains powerful Antioxidants

*Contains natural mineral

Developed under the instruction for men to double the male drive of kidney and tolerance.

It would make you a strong man with the significant effects on physical omental prospermia and impotence, spermatorrhea, sexual challenges and any symtoms caused by kidney weakness

*Increases P.C.V and Haemoglobin levels within 2days of usage

*Has strong Anti-inflamatory property

*Enhances General Body Metabolism. Main Ingredients Pennisetum, Alchornea Extract, Sorghum Extract Nafdac Reg. No: A7-0996L Phone no: 08032473315 Email:

Today, it is still frequently used in folk medicine. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is found in balms called mehlems for “urogenital tract disorders, respiratory system disorders, gastrointestinal tract disorders, skin ailments, blood system disorders, nervous system disorders, cardiovascular system disorders, and rheumatism.

*steady intake of mojeaga herbal blood builder helps to promote good health. The gastrointestinal category dominates its use in Mexico

* These are just a few of many examples of how plantain is used across the globe. Due to its long history of use across the globe, and recent confirmation of some of its therapeutic properties, plantain leaf is now used primarily as an herbal remedy for upper respiratory tract health.




Nigerians and Ghanaians are increasingly dying as a result of kidney disease.


1. Stop delaying going to a toilet.

Keeping your urine in your bladder for too long is a bad idea. A full bladder can cause bladder damage.

The urine that stays in the bladder multiplies bacteria quickly. Once the urine refluxes back to the urether and kidneys, toxic substances can result in kidney infections, then urinary tract infections, and nephritis, plus uremia.
When nature calls do it as soon as possible.

2. Eating lots of salt.

You should eat not more than 5.8 grams of salt daily.

  1. Eating lots of meat.

Too much protein in your diet is harmful for your kidneys.

Protein digestion produces ammonia – a toxin that is very destructive to your kidneys. More meat equals more kidney damage.

4. Drinking so much caffeine.

Caffeine is a component of many sodas and soft drinks. It raises your blood pressure and your kidneys start suffering.

You should cut down the amount of Coke, Pepsi, Red Bull, etc that you drink daily.

  1. Not drinking water.

Our kidneys should be hydrated properly to perform their functions well.

If we don’t drink enough, the toxins can start accumulating in the blood, as there isn’t enough fluid to drain them through kidneys.

***Drink more than 10 glasses of water daily. There is an easy way to check if you are drinking enough water: Look at the colour of your urine; the lighter the colour, the better.

6. Late treatment.

Treat all your health problems properly and have your health checked regularly.

Also avoid these Tablets, they are very dangerous:

* D-Cold
* Vicks Action-500
* Actified
* Coldarin
* Cosome
* Nice
* Nimulid
* Cetrizet-D

They contain Phenyl Propanol-Amide PPA which causes Strokes and are banned in the USA.

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Important Health Tips:

  1. Answer phone calls with the left ear.
  2. Don’t take your medicine with cold water….
  3. Don’t eat heavy meals after 5pm.
  4. Drink more water in the morning, less at night.

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