Love Letters for Her that Will Make Her Cry.

Actions may speak louder than words, but words can express so many things that actions can’t!
Letters are a personalized way to show your love for someone in the simplest way. A letter allows you to express your innermost feelings, and creating one that’s written by hand only makes the sentiment even sweeter.
Below are a handful of sweet, touching letters you can write for your girl. While we don’t exactly want you to copy each one verbatim, we hope that these letters inspire you to create your own letter that perfectly captures what you’re feeling.
To Brighten Up Her Morning
Hello Babe,
I know it’s early in the morning, and you must be really grumpy. But I just wanted to let you know that you were the last thing on my mind last night and now you’re the first one to fill my thoughts this morning. Every day is like a blessing because I know that I get to wake up knowing you’re mine. I hope you have a great day. Don’t forget to skip breakfast and grab a cup of coffee. I know how much you love a cup of Joe each morning!
I love you.
While She’s Working Hard at Her Job
Hey Babe,
I hope I’m not disturbing you at work. I know how hard you’re working at your job. I appreciate how much you love what you do because it just goes to show how motivated you are to achieve your goals. Remember not to tire yourself out too much. I know you’re a smart and capable woman whom your coworkers can rely on to get the job done. I’m so proud of you, babe! Keep it up, and I’ll see you later.
While She’s Out with Her Friends
Hi Hun,
I hope you’re having fun with your friends. I know how much they mean to you, and I know that they love having you around as well. I can’t blame them because you’re an absolutely gorgeous and wonderful person to be with. That’s why I’m so glad to call you mine. I’ll keep this short and simple so you can go back to chatting with your friends. Just remember to stay safe and to call me if you need anything. I love you, take care.
For Before She Goes to Bed
Hello Baby,
I bet you just want to crash onto your bed and fall into a deep slumber. But because I care a lot about you, I just thought I’d give you a few reminders before you do that. Remember to wash your face before you head off to bed. I know how much you hate having breakouts, and not washing your face is surefire way to get them! Also, don’t forget to brush your teeth, because without healthy teeth you won’t get to flash that sweet smile that gets you everything you want. And lastly, have a glass of water before bed to keep you hydrated. I want you to stay as healthy as possible because I can’t stand to see you feeling under the weather. So good night, and I hope you know I’ll be dreaming about you.
For when She’s Out of Town
Hi Sweetheart,
Having you out of town is one of the hardest things to experience. I simply can’t stand to be so many miles away from you. While you’re out there, remember that I’m always thinking about you. And as much as I hope I could be with you right now, I know that you have commitments you have to attend to. So while you’re away, all I can do is wait for you to come back. Don’t worry though, because I’ll make sure I’ll make up for all the time we didn’t get to spend together. Keep in mind that every day that I look forward to each new day, because that means it’s one day closer to when I’ll have you back in my arms again.
Distance can’t come between our love, no matter where you are. So whenever you’re feeling a little lonely or homesick, I’m just one call away. And if you can’t stand another day without me by your side, baby, I’ll find some way to get to you as soon as I can.
For when She’s Feeling Down
Hello Hun,
I know you’re going through a difficult time right now, and I can’t even imagine what it’s like for you. While I may not be able to solve your problems, I promise that I’ll always be here when you need a shoulder to cry on. Nothing shatters my world like knowing you’re feeling down. My greatest joy is to see you happy, because you’re the light of my life, my sun and stars. And seeing you so sad breaks my heart. So when you need something from me – anything from doing chores to driving you around to running errands for you – just say the word and I’ll do it for you.
Cheer up babe, try to stay positive even if it’s hard. And if you need someone to help you make it through, to help you vent or cry it out, that person is me. I’ll always be here for you, through thick and thin, through good times and bad times.
For when She’s Stressed
To the most beautiful girl in the world even when she’s stressed out,
This is your man reminding you that there is always, always, always time to unwind and clear your mind. You may feel like your overwhelmed with balancing all the things in your life, but I believe in your ability to make it through. I want to help you out because nothing gets me down worse than seeing you so stressed out. So just say the word and I’ll carry some of the burden for you. Need help with chores? I’m your guy. Need help running some errands? Count on me. Need a relaxing foot massage at the end of each day? You know I’ll do that for you.
I love you so much, and I just want you to know that you can count on me for anything.
For When You’re Fighting
Hey babe,
I know you’re mad at me right now, and maybe I’m a little angry at you too. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, because it will take more than just a fight to make me stop loving you. So for now, all I want to say is that I’m sorry for all the hurtful things I said and did. I was out of line, and I really wish I never did those things. It may take a while for you to forgive me, and that’s okay. I’ll spend all my time and effort trying to make it up to you.
And in turn, I hope we can learn from this. Couples only get stronger each time they fight, and I hope this is the case for us too. Let’s take this as an opportunity to build a better relationship. Let’s take this as a moment to figure out our differences and find a way to compromise. I’m willing to do anything to make sure you’re happy with me, and I know you feel the same way. So even if we’re fighting now, let’s take a moment to calm ourselves down and make amends.
I can’t stand another day knowing you’re mad at me. I’m so sorry. Please, let’s make this right again.
For Your Month Anniversary
Hi Honey,
I wish we could celebrate our love for each other each and every day, but I guess that’s going to take a toll on our savings. So to celebrate our love more often, here’s a sweet letter for our month anniversary.
Another month has gone by, and I can’t believe I’m falling more and more in love with you each day. I never thought I could feel this way about a person, but here you are proving me wrong. You’re the most wonderful person on this earth, and I want to spend every waking moment showing you how much you mean to me.
There may be days when I might be a little busy or a little preoccupied. But remember that it doesn’t mean that I love you or value you any less. Because for every hour I spend at work to make money or every minute I spend at the gym trying to be healthy, that’s a little bit of investment for our future. So as our relationship flourishes each month, and as we grow together, our love only becomes stronger.
I love you. Happy month anniversary!
For Your Anniversary
To my dearest Sweetheart,
Another year has gone by like a blur. Who would have thought we’d make it this far? I remember the first day I ever laid eyes on you. You were the most beautiful girl in the room. You were so radiant that I felt like nothing else mattered. Did I ever think you’d even spend a minute of your time engaging me in conversation? Did I even think that you’d eventually go on a date with me? Did I dare to imagine being your man? Definitely not, but look at us now. So here we are, together for another year, and stronger than ever.
I hope we always stay this way – loving each other and caring for each other. Every day I’m with you feels like heaven, and I can only imagine what life would be like when we finally get to build our home and start a family together.
This past year has been filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. But at the end of the day, we know that our love for each other is stronger than anything life throws at us. Happy anniversary to the love of my life. Another year has passed and I look forward to the rest of the years we’ll get to spend together.
For Her Birthday
To the most beautiful birthday girl,
Happy birthday! I know you hate having to grow another year older, but I want you to look at the bright side. You’re another year wiser, another year stronger, and another year more beautiful.
I want to thank every force in the universe for creating the most wonderful person on earth on this very day. It seemed like the stars aligned just right to bring you into this world and to bring you into my life. I’m eternally thankful for this strange, happy coincidence.
May your birthday bring you more joy and laughter, and more challenges to make you stronger than ever. Happy birthday, sweetheart.
For Your Birthday
To the birthday boy’s amazing girlfriend,
Fun fact: the best birthday gift I can ever receive is knowing that you’re by my side. I don’t care about grand parties, expensive gifts, or drinking all night. All I care about is showing how you’ve made my birthday a million times better just by being there. Thank you, babe, for never leaving my side even if we don’t always agree on everything.
You’re the love of my life, and nothing can ever change that. Thank you for choosing to be with me. I couldn’t have asked for more in this life.
To Motivate Her to Achieve Her Goals
To the most motivated girl I know,
I know there are times when you feel like giving up and doing something easier. But I just want to remind you that I believe in your strength and your talent. You can do this, babe, I know you can. You might feel a little tired and dejected right now, but you know you can always take a quick break before springing back into action.
Your dreams are slowly becoming a reality with every day you put effort into it. You’re getting there, baby! I believe in you!
To Express Your Thankfulness for Her Presence
Hey baby,
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that you’re here. I am forever thankful to the universe for bringing you into my life. I’m eternally grateful to all the people who brought us together, and to all the people who tried to bring us apart only to make us stronger.
Thank you for being there for me when times were hard. Thank you for giving me space when I needed it. And thank you for being around to keep my spirits up. I can only hope to repay you for all the wonderful things you’ve done for me. I love you, and I’m so thankful for you.
For Any Day When You Feel Like Showing Your Love
Hello dear,
I just thought I’d give you a quick note to let you know that I love you. I know that you know this, but I just thought I’d remind you anyway. You’re the most gorgeous, kind, understanding, patient person – and I don’t know what kind of miracle the universe had to pull to get you to love me as much as I love you. I hope you have a great day, babe. I’m always thinking about you.
We hope you find the perfect letter to give to your girlfriend. Whatever her mood may be or whatever the occasion is, we’re sure you’ll find the quick note that can inspire you to write a letter for her.

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