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Life of Television and the creators.

Its a blessing they made Television, if you ask me. That’s one of my favorite things to do is to watch Television.

My childhood was pretty great when I was coming up. I stayed active in the summer time. Me and my family would go skating, swimming, we would even play basketball and baseball. But when school was in I’d rather watch Television. my favorite channels to watch were cartoon network and nick. I enjoyed laying up watch TV and snacking. I’d rather Do that then going  outside.” Video games was even better than watching TV. If we didn’t havetelevision , we wouldn’t have video games. if you ask me the only bad defect out of have these technologies is that it. Can keep some children from being as active as they should.

The invention of television was a big work. This project was a big hit in 19 century. We are now living in 21 century. You can image how much technologies changed since then.  New TVs are out every year. Several individuals and corporations competed all over the world to try and bring the best device. Some individuals were mainly focused on the profits the device would bring  in, while others just wanted to change the world. Visual and audio communications changed a lot. In the early 19th century a Scottish inventor “Alexander Bain was the one to introduce the facsimile machine. This was between the years 1843 and 1846. There were known to be a laboratory version. Year 1851  the English physicist, ” fredrick bake well ” was the one to demonstrate the laboratory version. Year 1856 is when the first practical facsimilesystem was developed. Giovanni caselli, a Italian priest who developed this project. Year 1873 the photo conductive of the element sylenium was discovered. This element were discovered by an eelectronical engineer “will oughby smith. These men were young to be involved in producing the project, known as Television. nipkow disk was por posed and patent in year 1884, by a young German university student his student went by the name Paul Julius Gottlieb Nipkow. Case you didn’t know what the nipkow disk is its a spinning disk with spiral pattern of holes in it. His was so each hole would be able to scan a line of image. Variations of the Nipkows project became  one of the exceedingly common,even though he never built a working model of the system.  The projects name, Television came from perskyi, he had gathered it from a paper read at the international World Fait. The fair was located in paris. This took place August 25 1990. This is she. Perskyis paper had reviewed the electromechanical technologies. ” Lee de Forest and Arthur Korn, and several more designed this project.developments were amplification tube technology, which weren’t u til year 1907. By the time year 1920 came along that’s when the amplification made television practical. The Scottish inventor john Baird was the one to employ the Nipkow disk in his video systems. His prototypes were created in a little village. This village was called Santa Cruz, which were on a Island of trinidad. The reason he were in this village was because he were there recovering from an illness. He also began to work on the first colored television. “Charles Francis Jenkins was an american inventor who also pioneered the television. Year 1913 he wrote an article on “motion pictures by wireless” . he didn’t have images for proof till year 1923 December. Year 1907 the russian scientist, “Boris Rosing used the CBT in receiving an experimental video single vto form a picture . that’s when Television went from black and white to colored Television.

Today we now have 3D television, which makes watching family movies and action movies fun.  Smart televisions has built in cam, and apps. They even came out with the curve.

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