life a game find a way to be happy

Life is a game and if we want to make it good we got to make it happen as you see there people who are not happy and there is people who are. Look at the people whoa re very rich on TV and they jump off a bridge because they were not happy . as we know they have the money to do what they want . Now look at the middle class if you can find any left if some one out there is making ok money the secret is do not live out of your means which all us do any way. Like on the movie back to the future doctor brown said the future is up to you now make it a good one. we all know what we want , what we are limited to . If you want to make your life good one do not listen to any one advise or may be you should . You know what make you happy and you do not need to do drugs to that I say stay a way from drugs to make you happy you do not want to spend your life in jail . Yes I know there some people who have medical problem and that why they are not happy but that is kind of other story
do not wait for your lover to make you happy if we find the right soul mate of corse we all be happier. Do not let poltican take a way your happy if you are all ready happy. Now how to we turn life in to a game ? and I am not talking about the board game call life or the cereal out there call life . Me if I do thing I like doing like swimming ,writing, snow skiing if I have the money spending time with friends this is what make me happy. So think what do need to do to make life a game and get happy ?

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