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Kofta Bread Arabic style, tasty and easy to make

Kofta bread; this is an Arabic food I learned from one Arabic family over here: its super delicious and easy

Ingredients :

Bread : 4 pieces Potatoes : 2 teaspoon Salt , water enough to bake and bread crumbs

6 pieces Onions : 2 tsp tomato juice, one tea spoon salt , 2 pieces Tomatoes

And the filling is the minced meat which is Kofta in Arabic places and in Turkey too.

Seasoning are better made in the bakery if you like it perfect but me like to try it at home so

Added 2 tp Oil, 3 onions; chopped and salted, and garlic  4 cloves, parsley,  1 spoon ginger

How to cook:

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Boil potatoes, for about ½ hour then when its cold, peel it then mash it nicely

As it soft add the oild and the bread crubms, mix again and add some salt

Heat the oil in a big deep pan. Add the onions and fry little Add the chopped parsley and garlic and tomato slices

Cook it and stir for 10 minutes. Add kofta and fry on low fire, get bread the Arabic bread because its thin, put the kofta mix in the bread, find how many breads you need, the bread comes in sizes, I like the small size, you just serve it then. Make all the number of bread you want to cook then use your grilling pan to put the bread with the kofta on it, turn it every few seconds, it needs just 6 minutes.

Its so tasty and simple recipe for Kofta bread, its good for affordable lunch, also very delicious and you are cooking Arabic food at home similar food in famous restaurants.

It is interesting food you have to try it and if you could not make it at home, try it in the restaurant that will make you even better in making it at home, since you will understand the taste

Hope you enjoy the taste

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      • Hi there
        nice of you, I hope you like it and find it tasy, its super easy to do an prepare, frist time may talk longer time, like 30 minutes but later you can make it in 20 minutes

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