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King Pet Photo Contest and The Cuteness
January 2, 2018

Here lately my daughter has really been into taking pictures of the pets. She’s always had an interest in animals. She goes from wanting to be a vet to a zoo keeper to running an animal rescue shelter all the time. With another two days left for winter break before she goes back to school I decided that it was time to kill some time with something she’s been into. In comes KingPet and the contests.

KingPet has photo contests. Photos must be of pets. There are three categories; dogs, cats and other pets. Contests run for weeks and the photos with the most votes win a cash prize. It seemed like a fun way to let my girl start interacted with the online world. With me as a safe buffer between her and it of course. It will also teach her how easy it is for pictures to travel around online. Bonus lesson!

Anyway, my girl found a picture of our dog, Shader, and wanted to enter the contest. Here’s the pic she found.

That’s a party pup! Anyway you can click on the photo to go give her a vote if you like. Or not.

However, this little contest isn’t exactly a “fair” event. People can buy votes for their or others’ photos. At least that’s how it seems. Another bonus less: We’ll not be putting money into this fun contest. There is something to be said for a cash prize, but I don’t think investing money to win money like this is the best way to go about it. I’ll be pointing this out to my girl as she works with me and the site.

My daughter also has some pictures of the cats and her hamster. Currently she’s trying to pin down the best one to use. She’s also trying to take better pictures that capture more of their faces and their personalities. I think this is great. Without me trying to teach she is learning how to improve her skills with a goal in mind. That alone makes the extra work worth it. (Yep, had to run to the store to get batteries for the camera and dig out the cable to connect it to the computer.)

All in all I think these could be fun contests and if they help her explore her interests, why not?

Peace and Love!

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