Kids will be kids but you gotta love em!!!!

So last night im sitting in the living room watching power and my one of my 8 yr old came down stairs and told me that my one yr old put beads in the toilet….now i have 5 kids plus my neice all day everyday so im pretty worn out and really just started to relax and ease my mind. So im like ok after this everyones getting back in the bed…. I go upstairs toward the bathroom and see my 2 year old neice on her way in so i tell her to go out and i continue my way into the bathroom….. My 2 yr old is on one side of the toilet. My 4 yr old standing in front of the toilet and my 1 yr old on the other side of the toilet. They are all surrounding the toilet and looking inside of it all bent over in concentration. I walk over to the toilet scared of what im about to see… We keep our hair beads in ziploc bags so im thinking im gonna find those in there and its gonna be a big mess. To my surprise there was one single bead in the toilet and had notice it was sitting on a pile of #2….one they found earlier when they thought itd b a great idea to have a bead fight… So i told my daughter that she already went and asked her why she didnt just flush the toilet….she looks at me with the saddest face ever and says in the most whinniest voice i ever heard…. But mom i still have to go to the bathroom….im like ok well then go….again with the voice she says….but i have to poop and i cant poop on that bead …… Omg i was cracking up…. I have no idea where my kids come up with this stuff but it is truly hilarious….. Although i was tired and just wanted to have my me time and it was interrupted atleast i gotta good laugh before bed.

Do any of you have kids or experiences with kids like this… If so how many kids do you have and how old…. Whats the funniest thing you child has done in the comment section.

  • Tamara curry

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    • i was still in high school when i had my own adventure with children.but,i still love' was christmas and all my cousins came home to celebrate with us.i had 7 cousins and their age ranges from 2-7,so, i was the oldest.they looked up to me for almost got fed up...they stayed for almost a month,but,it was a time to never forget...they are troublesome,but also cute and sweet

    • Yes i remember having to live with my cousin for almost a month and she was like 5 and i was 9 or 10... She was the only child so super spoiled. As kids i could not stand her she had everything and was such and was such a brat. Now that we are older we love eachother but back then... Man we couldnt stand her. Lol

    • Lol thats funny I have a two year old thats been walking since 9 months and potty trained at 1 she so smart it amaze me you can ask her bout anything and she will have a answer for it , and I also have a 10 month old brat

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