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In order to live healthily, you have to eat accordingly.

Some foods act as rocket fuel for your brain and body while others drown your mind in the fog and add additional pounds of fat. Personal diet is an individual matter. A lot depends on your goals, lifestyle and social situation. Sometimes scientific interpretations, books, nutritionists and trends may needlessly complicate everything and even harm. The most important is balance between you and nature.

We can’t blame fat for heart diseases and fatty food is not only culprit of obesity. Refined carbohydrates – sugar and white flour – are part of the problem for which there is a modern health problems. It raises the base, powerful and healthy nutritional principle – eat foods in its natural form, avoiding heavily processed foods. Confectionery, flour products, soft drinks and fried food makes us woeful, distracted, angry and ill.

People spend whole decades in a fear of calories, avoiding the really healthy and tasty food. We have lived too long after the falsified research, useful for food and pharmaceutical industries, which are getting richer thanks to our health. Queues in the clinics and pharmacies on every corner indicate that the public en masse sick. Something is really wrong.

In order to live happily and healthily, you have to eat accordingly. You can’t just visualize yourself as a healthy person and think that health will come to you. If you want to stay healthy, you should eat food that is as possible close to its natural original form. People ate like this about 2mln years, our ancestry ate like this, and the people who take care of their body and brain health ate like this. Eat satiated food, but do not overeat. Eat regular and do not eat snacks. Avoid anything with additional sugar, white flour, food having much starch, fruit juice concentrates, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, refined oils, hydrogenated fat.

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Please note – this is a widespread food and sometimes eat it will not push you to the grave. All that what you eat on a daily basis, will have much more impact than what you eat occasionally.

If someone tries to sell you food as healthy – they probably want you to cheat. Indeed healthy food is not called healthy, because this food is simple and no one is trying to sell it to you, because they are just simple.


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