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Having Games That You Keep Playing In Your Gadget ?

In this present modern time, we have different types of gadgets that can help us in our daily communication, entertainment, reminders, listening to music, watching movies, research and a lot more.

Some have them through smartphones. Others have their laptop or netbook. While others have their iPads or their tablets.

One nice feature of these gadgets, that help us be entertained and makes our brain active, are the games we can freely upload through the internet.

These games really entertain each and everyone.

You can see people of all ages play a game on their gadgets.

People waiting for their turns to be called at the hospital, can be seen playing a game on their cellphones or tablets .

The latest popular game I can remember but didn’t upload is the Pokemon Go.

Instead, I like playing the Jewel or Gem games. I have actually done more than 3 kinds already.

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Each time I am done with one, I would uninstall it and upload another. This is so that, it will not slow down my smartphone.

The latest I have is Gems Quest. Now, I am stuck at level 5 game no. 37. Gosh, no matter how much I play no. 37, I cannot complete it. It’s difficult, but it really keeps my brain working.

I am thinking of changing it with another jewel game but then, I have to challenge myself that I can do it. Everyday, I would be playing it at night for about an hour or two. Even while I am riding the jeepney in going home from the office in the evening, I will be playing it.

I guess, I am addicted to it.

Well, I can always see other people, young and old while riding the jeepney , playing a game on their phones .

Have you got a game that you like playing in your gadget too? What is it? Are you addicted to playing it also?

Note : attached is an uploaded picture of a jewel game from google

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    • Recently, I am playing slot machine game in my mobile phone. In fact, I am not fond of playing games. But then, I don't have anything to do but to have it as mobile app. It is so handy in times like boredom kills me.

      • Really there is such a game as slot machine game. Yes, these games in our mobile phones come very handy when we have nothing more to do specially when there is no internet.

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