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Get MI Band 2 in India: Just launched

Mi Band 2 was already announced or launched few times back in china. But now it will be available in India soon. They are putting it in Indian online market from 27th of this month through their own official site. After that it will be available on Amazon too. It sounds pretty good. For those who are interested in fitness tracking belts then this seems best to me.

I am already using MI band first version since almost one year. And I have already written article about it here on this site. I am having really good experience from its first version. It is quite good and quality product and I am hopping the same thing from this second version too.

What new features available with MI Band 2?


Let’s learn which new things are available with this brand new belt and how it is different from its previous version. Let’s talk about the features.

Display: Unlike previous version this band is having small display with one button; display will give you all tracking details directly on screen and with button you can go through different functions on its display. So this is wonderful change if we compare it with its first version.

Heart rate sensor: First version wasn’t having heart rate sensor underneath it, but his one is having it. I know upgraded version of first band was having heart sensor but that wasn’t able to get more popularity and also didn’t able to came into Indian market. But now we can have hand on this latest band with heart rate sensor too.

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Water and Dust proof: They say it is water splash proof and dust proof. I don’t know what they mean by water splash, because previous version was completely water proof for me. I mean I have dive in the pool with that band many time and till now it is working fine. So hope this one will work the same. So we will have band with display which is dust and water proof.

Battery life: As this band is having display on it, we will not have that much battery backup which we had with first version of mi band. First band is still giving me more than 30 days backup after charging it full. Now I have heard that this band is going to give 15 to 20 days of battery backup, but I am sure it will give you around 20 or some more days for battery backup which is quite good if we compare it with few other fitness belts.

Is the MI band 2 worthy?

Well, if you ask me, then I will say yes it is. You can just compare it with other fitness tracking belts by yourself. You will notice big price difference for sure. And yes quality wise too MI bands are really good. I am saying this from my own personal experience. It is working like charm. They use really high level of sensor which provides almost accurate details.

So if you are thinking about to purchase fitness tracking belt then this is best choice as per me. You should surely think about it. Have fun.

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    • The mi1 is having good characteristics already. The upgraded version is having the Heart Rate Function. This is waterproof and the Battery backup is 30 days. Yes.

      I happened to see this with my version. He is interested in mi2. He had seen this already and stated that except for the display nothing special is with mi2. Is it right? Where can I get it other than online?

      • WEll, even I can't say more as I haven't seen it personally. But yes first version went really good for me. So I can imagine that this will work good too. About display, I have checked out in some video review, that it is really good. And yes unlike first version it is having display and having display on it is like big advantage. Because we will not need to open our phone for more times.
        About purchasing right now it is only available on online from the date I mentioned above. And also all mi product mostly available on online only.

    • I missed your first post of MI and now I read this. I was expecting a link to catch up with this vital information. The band may be available in my country but I have not heard about it. Kindly give me more information.

      From what I have gathered the band is a very good fitness tracking belt what having. How much is the belt. When will it be available in Ebay and Amazon?

      • I don't know about your country but in here for our country it will be available on Amazon too within week from current day.

        About other information, what you want to know?

        It tracks our walking and running data with heart sensor. You can also put alarm/reminder on it. It will also track your sleeping data. You will also get notifications(only vibrate) of your phone on it.

        So I guess this is enough. It has all things which fitness tracking device should have.Just go to MI official site and you will able to know about your country's availability. You can still message here if you want to know something else. Thanks.

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