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Gander mountain credit card what going to happen to it

I just found out that Gander Mountain
sport store is going out of business
ok may be I should say camping store to.
How did I find this out ? I was paying my Gander Mountain credit card on line and that when I found out that Gander mountain was going out business. So I was thinking about my credit card I got from them is one of those master card/visa card credit cards.
My question to Gander credit card company is this when Gander mountain shut their doors for good will my credit card still be good. Why do I want to know this. This gander mountain credit card gave me a very nice credit limited and I am using it to help get the food cart in business in other words I am kind of using it like working capital Yes I know I have to pay it back. that will be no problem when I have the food cart open every day . This why I want to know what going to happen if any thing happen at all with the gander mountain credit card since a out side source run it. I kind of need this card now at this time my card is still ok and I have no problem with it to buy stuff with
like permits for events so I can sell hot dogs and more at events plus the town and city permits and fees this is why I want this credit card not to stop . for me per sonly I have no trouble paying the monthly payment. Thanks to the writing sites.
this is my goal on line income to pay credit card bills and more.So what do you think will the gander mountain master card/vise still be ok after gander mountain close down.Or will they send me a new card in the name of the bank that make the credit card s and take care of the people I hope I have no problem Ok that it have a good day

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