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Do You Find UFC A Brutal Sports?

Of course this is still a kind of sports. It’s so happen that it’s a brutal kind of sports. And sometimes the irony is so LOL, the fighters punished and blood each other and then they hug each other after the fight. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the meaning of sportsmanship.

Have you ever watched the Mix Martial Arts of MMA? I think you know the famous United Fight Championship or UFC. There is the other version like the MMA, M1 and the local version in our place, the URCC.

Unlike in boxing that it’s done in square venue called ring (which is another irony because is supposed to be round, isn’t it?). the UFC is done in the ring called octagon which have 8 sights.

Famous now in the UFC are Connor McGregor in men’s category and Ronda Rousey in women’s division. Of course there are many other famous fighters in the club but these two is what I think the poster fighters of UFC.

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There are 3 rounds in 5 minutes per round. In some championship fights it goes up to 5 rounds of 5 minutes fighting.

Fighters perform any discipline they have master like boxing, wrestling, judo, jujitsu, kickboxing, karate, sumo wrestling, aikido, taekwondo—anything that you have mastered. You can even do a freelancer style. What matter is you are winning in the fight? This is the most important in every event. You win the game and you got the name. Simple as that. You loss and you go home crying. You win and the respect is all yours.

As I have said, the fight for me is so brutal. Blood staining the face and the ring during the fight. Wounds are opening, bones are cracking. Throughout the fight, the fighters are doing everything to stay standing in the ring. If you are not a fighter you may ask why these people stay alive and standing with the punishment they have during the fight.

Only the meanest fighters standing tall after the fight.

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      • It look like wrestling with the combination of judo, Thai kickboxing, aikido and many more discipline in martial arts. But it is just bloody and and I think its more cruel than boxing and wrestling. I have watch a feet fold like a branch of tree and a face full of blood and still fighting to the enemy. And after all the bloody fight which could barely see their face, the two hug each other as if they were best of friends for a long time. This is the irony of fighting in mixed martial art. Only the toughest and meanest fighter in the world.

    • It is anew game invented by Ry the Russian people but it is dangerous for men body may be break and crack. Actuallu Concerns are being raised about a brutal new team fighting sport in which two teams of five engage in a brutal battle using fists and feet until only one is left standing.

      Although there are rules involved in TFC, and five referees inside the ring to ensure they are followed, it is considered acceptable to keep clubbing a man in the face when he is on his back, kick him when he is down, and for two or more to team up on one unlucky opponent.

      TFC is considered so brutal that even though cage fighting and "Ultimate Fighting" are allowed it is currently banned. However the US does have a TFC team which recently competed in an international tournament in Latvia.

      First, everybody did boxing, then kickboxing got popular, then MMA became the next thing," TFC USA head coach Jody Poff explained to Vice. "As a sport, we're going to go through the same growing pains as MMA [mixed martial arts] and the UFC went through. Yeah, we're a little crazy, but we're pro athletes and we want to explore what's next. The next level."

      • I was just wondering what could be next after the UFC. Maybe we return to the times of gladiators. People's sports are really becoming brutal and bloody now. People love seeing lots of blood, cracking the bones, knockout of the fighter and among others. They love it and so the game continues. This is a lavish game.

        But what could we do, this is their passion of life. They wanted to prove they are the king of the ring. No one should messing them or else they could be in trouble.

        With a few regulation, mixed martial arts could be one of the most dangerous sports in our generation.

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