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Eating out became inevitable today’s mechanical world. After a stressful work of 6 days which includes getting up early in the morning, washing, preparing breakfast according to partner’s choice and children’s choice, sliding something in the tiffins for lunch in the office, getting ready for the office, catching a bus, running to the attendance register and then again running with your official work etc., will eat away almost half of your body energy.

Sunday, which is meant for rest will give you some opportunity to concentrate on your family and move with children and your spouse.  Even on that day also, cooking food means it becomes practically a hell.

Dining out and Eating out is the only way to spend the day leisurely with your family and to build up healthier family relations.

When I talk about eating out, we generally visualize a small hut type building with a beautiful garden and having everything placed in their perfect order, though not very expensive. The location will be quite pleasant. Eating out in such places when the dishes are very tasty is really a boon. This will be like a heaven to enjoy such location, particularly in winter seasons in Hyderabad.

During winter the temperature comes down to 9 deg. celsius and is quite bearable. People will be enjoying the climate eating Rotis, flatbread, Chapatis, Non, Butter on, Kulcha, Masala Kulcha, etc., with spicy curries in the Dhabas of Hyderabad.

These DHABAS will be found mostly on the outskirts of the city. There are varieties of Dhabas. Some are meant for poor, some are decorated richly giving special services for drinking (though they are not Bars) etc. The ambiance will be quite enjoyable. There are some exclusively for all types of family members rich or poor.

After eating in such Dhabas there will be a PAN SHOP which prepares BEEDAS for the interested persons who like them. They will be quite terrific. They are preferred by older generations nowadays mostly. The younger generation is not preferring them.

The specialty of Beeda or PAN is that it contains all spicy stuff, Elaichi, Pudina, Lawang, Peppermint, Betelnut powder, Rose petals (Gulkand) dipped in honey and much more. These PANs are prepared generally with Betel leaves which will be available in two varieties. One is Kolkatta type and another one is a general leaf.

The Kolkata type of leaf will be quite strong and will be giving a strong smell when it is split.

Here, near every Dhaba these shops can be found very easily as most of them will be richly decorated and will have at least 5 customers near them even in the odd season.

So, after heavy lunch or Dinner, people prefer those PANS. Sometimes, the Dhabas provide them along with the menu and they won’t charge separately for this.

The curries in Dhabas will be richly delicious. One will not have satisfaction with a single order generally. Another interesting thing is that most of the food items will be prepared using high-quality ingredients. The Butter is generously provided. In some Dhabas the flatbread will cost just Rs.2/- or Rs.4/-. The curry will cost about Rs.140 to 150/-. Just two flatbreads are sufficient to keep you stomachful. Even Butter is used in almost all types of their dishes. Oil is used only when ordered for. But, for Punjabis, this may not be sufficient as they are very hard working people and never take anything from anybody even in their hardest times.

Another specialty of these Dhabas is that the provided will be very pure and this also will be available in pure quality without any addition of water. I have seen many tourists satisfying themselves just with a glass of milk.

The seating arrangement will be quite interesting. They use Cots having wooden plank over them. Sometimes, in place of wooden plank, they will have jute thread woven covering the entire wooden frame.

Some Dhabas will have dinner lights in place of candles. They will be highly decorative.

In total, eating out in a Dhaba of Hyderabad, especially in a Punjabi Dhaba will be a highly memorable experience for all categories of visitors particularly for Tourists.






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    • Interesting article about eating out at Punjabi Dhabas in Hyderabad on the outskirts of the city. I have had the fortune of having food at different dhabas on the outskirts of the city. I found the locations to be safe and welcoming. Many of the places where I have been also had grass grown there and it is watered in the evening especially in the months of summer. It is rustic and gives one the feeling of having the food in a rural setting.

      I generally order Tandur roti or Sada roti and with it curry like palak paneer, aloo paneer and mutter paneer. I have also had makke ki roti and sarason ka saag too. It is a place where one can have his food at peace unlike the city restaurants where there is rush for seats. If we find a dhaba crowded there is always another next door welcoming you. All in all my memories of eating in a Punjabi Dhaba have been refreshed by your article. Thanks for the share.

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