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Do you use product only due the celebrity you like used it

Is there ny of you use hair conditioner or makeup or soap or food or shopping store and more things only due to thea fact that their celebrities used it! or i have to say due the tv ad, to see my view point and know what is this post is about, read more here and tell us your opinion at the comment site

I hate it when the media tell us look this star or that star using that product or taht make up brand or any brand only to make us use it.

i like some stars and like what they wear or the makeup they put , but they didnt choose it , these brands of clothes and makeup are given to them only to make us fans like to use it too, and even that star has choosen that brand does not mean i have to choose it too, stars or celebrities are human like us, and i dont follow another human only due to my likeness i buty what i like, i buy what suits me, not what suits the media or that brands. i like to be free and choose what i like with no effect of the medi what do what hey do only for money, also for bad luck the fans the stars do that also for the money, so that is were you should not think for any body but yourself, thikn if it suits you , if its affordable for you and so on.

guys and gals do you agree wit me on that , do you follow what ever the stars doing

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any body is welcome for thei ropinion and let us be free to express our view points, thanks for all those who read and answer and those who read and do not answer or comment

good morning and good night


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    • Of course not, why would anyone do that? Just because she used it, does not mean it will work for me if I used it. I buy products based on facts and not the celebs. Those celebs are mostly on endorsement deals and get paid heavily to promote these products. I am a sucker for all things good, but surely not based on what a celebrity used. It must be tried and tested. I remember once I almost but pure leefs based on Kylie Jenners claim that it worked well for her butt, but then I thought had and read other reviews, googled for more reviews and paused. I said to myself, Kylie has the money, so she could easily have paid for a butt implant and now lay claim to this. This was how I never got to buy that product. I'm currently on one other product, based on reviews for bigger butt, but its still not working. Damn!

      • you might be surprised of how many people do it, that is why media fake it, especially for the young generations like teens, i hate it when i see people tells you this dress this actress wore it and its really ugly and not worth, but you keep silent so ou dont hurt them also some feels to do it due to the fact taht they are crazy fans to some stars

    • I don't usually use products if it is not beneficial to me.If the celebrities had used something, I will check it.It might work for them but it will not work to me.

      • you are tottally true, but some people who are fans and feels out of loyalty to their stars do buy things from that reason only, thats how media abuse people using stars and stars are happy using fans for the money of course, its a cycle, but we should only buy things you trust it will be good for you for sure

    • no way I buy something only because an actor or actress wear it or use it
      Sorry but that is following things blindely, also we do not know if they really use it or they make the ads only for that reason taht they get money to do it, yes they get money to fool us. I m not oging to like the actor which i like to do such a thing, but I know many do that and buy things only for their fans sake, I do not know if they have extra money or they feel its loyalty to do these thing buying, or just for fun do it. but it is not good to do things like that no

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