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Diet – first key factor for obtaining athletic body

Many people, when they hear the word diet, they immediately associate on severe and extensive regimes, in which they force you to starve or eat the food that is not delicious to you.
But opposite, a diet in translation means way of eating, depending on what is your goal, there could be several types of diet.

1. Increasing your muscle mass/ body weight.
2. Reducing body weight/body fat
3. Reducing body fat/ definition.

Actually, to not be mistaken, all of these diets and regimes must be followed with intense cardio trenings or any other physical activities, because in opposite the result of the diet won’t be full, nor you would be actually satisfied by yourself and your look.

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The first way, increasing your muscle mass/ body weight is especially important for those that hardly climb on a weighing machine. Those that fall under the type of body called ektomorf. Those type of people should concentrate on the weight training, increased daily rest (4 days training – 3 days rest by recommendation); longer rest between sets (when training) and minimal cardio training, actually not at all cardio training (running), at least not until you reach your desired weight. Your diet should contain a lot of healthy calories that will ease up building mass.
Second way, reducing body weight/body fat is intended for those that are quickly gaining fat, or better said that eat whatever they feel they like when they are hungry. Those are the people called endomorphs, and they should focus more on strength training, which will help them balance their system of fats in their muscles and at the same time, speed up their metabolism. They shall control their daily calories intake, and should eat frequently on every 2-3 hours with small but complete meals. Cardio is recommended in this case.

Third way, reducing body fats or better known term as definition.
This applies to all three ways of bodies (endomorph, ektomorph and mesomorph) but NOT all can and must follow the same way of diet because they are different from each other by the way how fast/slow they can spend their daily calorie intake that is calculated to them.
This way of eating applies when you reach your desired weight, but you want to get rid of the extra fats in your body. Aside the lying commercials on TV, that are full with Yo-Yo effect diets and fake mechanisms for losing body fat.
For real results, you need DEDICATION and PERSERVANCE.

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