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Curtain Creeper – Vernonia elaeagnifolia a creeper with promise


A progressive gardener  will always look for plants or creepers that look good and that are easy to maintain.

 No garden is complete if there are no creepers placed at vantage points to enhance the look of a garden. Curtain creeper is one such creeper

1. Also known as Veronica, curtain creepers are hardy creepers requiring little maintenance. Watering is all what they need and can be  grown in ordinary soil.

2.Creative gardeners use this creeper to enhance the beauty of their garden. In the hands of a landscaped garden designer the curtain creeper takes various forms.

3. They serve as garden curtains closing areas that one would not want the public to see. They could be easily grown on boundary walls enhancing  the look of a property

4.They are planted in hanging baskets or pots and kept in trim. Some have a flowering plant in the centre of the pot and these creepers give that hanging pot or basket a great finish.

4.Those who are deft with their garden sheers can create different shapes once the creeper reaches maturity. One often sees shapes of animals and birds created with this creeper.

5. They serve as garden umbrellas of any size be it a round, square or a rectangle

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6. Being a dense creeper one finds birds nestling in them.

7. These creeper give out white flowers once the creeper is fully mature. 

8. Once it takes root it will be difficult to eradicate it. Its roots spread beneath the ground and one can find it growing at odd places. 

9.It not kept in trim a curtain creeper could be a hiding place for reptiles

Only those gardeners who have enough time to tend for this creeper and having  a bit of creativity  should introduce it in their gardens 


This versatile creeper is the dream of gardeners who have creativity as sky is the limit for playing around with this creeper to advantage. 


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    • I had been looking for this plant creeper for a long time.I wanted also to grow on our fences.
      It can protect the place with bad elements in the society and it adds up to beautification. Unfortunately, it cannot commonly found in my country.

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