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Creative: Do It Yourself Snow Globe

Snow globes are a favorite trinket. They are often brought home as souvenirs from vacations and kept on shelves along with other loved knik knacks. If you run a small town tourist shop you can make snow globes for visitors to purchase. Or you can create a unique gift for friends and family.


Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

Super Glue

Jar and Fitted Lid


Heavy Weight



Step 1: Find the perfect figurine. The picture above shows Tinker Bell, but the figure can be anything from a miniature building to the Star Wars icon, Darth Vader.

Step 2: Find a jar big enough for the special figure to fit in. This is a great way to recycle baby food jars and jam jars.

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Step 3: Using super glue, glue the figure to the inside of the jar lid. Once the lid is screwed on the jar the figure should be hanging upside down in the jar. The lid will be the base of your snow globe.

Step 4: Fill the jar with water. Leave anywhere from a quarter inch to half an inch of air empty. This will prevent overflow once the lid is put on.

Step 5: Add heavy weight glitter to the water. Don’t be tempted by the snow like balls that come with create your own tree decoration kits. This looks a lot more like snow, but it’s not heavy enough to work. It’ll just float on top of the water.

Step 6: Carefully screw the lid back on and use the hot glue gun to seal the lid in place.

Step 7: Decorate the seam between the lid and jar with a ribbon to give the piece a polished look.

Step 8: Let everything rest and then flip your new snow globe over to enjoy the scene.



Have a clean working area where the pieces can sit while the glue dries.

Keep glass out of reach of kids and pets. Pretty shiny things are tempting to little hands and paws.

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