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Competitive Cricket Before The ICC Champions Trophy

I was wondering that Indian cricket team will be short of limited over cricket practice before the International cricket council Champions trophy starting on 1st June, 2017 which is to be played between top eight teams : India, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka and Pakistan and is to be played in wales and England. Last time it was played in England as well and won by India by defeating England in the finals. So I was wondering but I checked the schedule for Indian premier league which is to be played in April and May, so all the players will have good match practise and that’s the way they can prepare well before the ICC champions trophy, 2017. And actually it would be good for other foreign players as well. As all countries players participate in the Indian premier league except the Pakistan team players which are not allowed to play in Indian premier league from many years now. The new addition in this Indian premier league is the inclusion of England and Afghanistan players as well. Afghanistan’s finest players like M Nabi, Ahmed Shehjad and A Riad have been auctioned by the Teams in the Indian premier league along with English players like Ben stokes, Eoin Morgan, Alex hales and other England players have also been taken by respective teams in Indian premier league. Hope the 10th Edition will be more entertaining and best as well. Kings 11 Punjab franchise of Mohali, Punjab which has been owned by Bollywood actress Preity Zinta has decided to make the Aussie batsman Glen Maxwell the Skipper of the team in place of David M and M Vijay who captained the team in the last edition of Indian premier league. Virat Kohli will lead the Bangalore Royal team, Gautam G will captain the Kolkata team, Rohit Sharma if stays fit to play will captain the Mumbai team, Gujrat Lions will be captained by Suresh R, Steve S will captain the Pune  Team, David Warner will captain the Hyderabad team. Carlos B will captain the Delhi Daredevils team.

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