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Challenge of writing 1000 articles a month

One of the top writers in Ezinearticles, Lance Winslow, ever challenged himself to write 1000 articles a month.


He did complete the challenge.


His articles averaged 400 words.   That means for that given month, he wrote more than 400,000 words. 


I think that is the ultimate challenge for a writer.  That is especially when you do not get paid for the articles.


Ezineaticles is a free article directory.  Anyone can submit articles to them, but they will check the quality before publishing the articles.  In fact, they are known for rejecting articles that do not meet up to the standard.


Ezinearticles do not pay writers for the articles, and they do not require payment from anyone who wants to download the articles for publication either online or offline.  They just require that the author profile is intact, and all credits given to the author and the website.


In fact, I often see the national newspaper in my country use the articles from Ezinearticles.


I have never, and will never, give such an impossible challenge for myself.  I will never submit 1000 articles for free too.


Perhaps when I am jobless, and desperately need money, I can accomplish the impossible. 

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However, I do not have the time, motivation, and energy to write 1000 articles a month.


I cannot even write ten posts every day for any website for a month.   I cannot even write so many articles and publish in my own blog too.  The motivation is just not there.


I think those who can take up the challenge of writing 1000 articles with 400 words per article are really passionate writer.


All writing sites will appreciate this kind of writers.


A list of the writers in Ezinearticles shows that Lance Winslow is still the top writer there.  He has more than 30,000 articles.


He never uses ghostwriters to write the articles, and he does not need to promote anything or sell anything.



He is a rich guy who just loves to write.

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    • He sounds like a very very persistent guy; but this means that he didn't move off his keyboard for an entire month?
      I would like to try this. It sounds like a thing!

      • Obviously being rich allows him to do that. He likes to travel to small towns in America. He still managed to write when he was on the move.
        Many of his articles were political in nature.
        I think when we want to tell the world how stupid the policies are, or how stupid a certain politician is, we can really write with passion.

    • That is indeed a fabulous achievement for which he deserves praise, but I will never ever try to follow his example, and even if I did, I would not have the time, inspiration and motivation to write 1000 articles a month. One must be extremely passionate and imaginative to obtain such a unique performance.

      • Yes, you can if you want to.
        He writes a lot of opinion pieces on politics.
        It does take passion but then everyone has the passion to share the stupidity of politicians.

    • @Rapid Blue That is not as difficult a job as you think in the beginning. I have written 100,000 words in a month for one site for years and I am sure you know which site I am talking about.

    • Ha!! 10,000 articles...I'm lucky to write 10 articles!! I do have a "personal" life besides my on-line life!!

    • Oh, my mistake it's ONLY 1,000 articles...that's still way too many to write in a month!!

      • Unless you have something to complain about.
        I think Donald Trump has set a lot of people off, and they are writing so much about him, especially about how much they hate him!

    • 1000 articles does sound like a lot but I would not mind trying to this feat. Sounds like a good challenge. At the one site I wrote some of us would try to write the maximum amount of articles in a day which was 15. I did it and it was a challenge.

      • haha, not me!
        I do not even want to try to write 500 articles per month.
        I think @support will be very happy to publish your 1000 articles a month.

    • 1000 articles in a month = 33 articles in a day, provided that the writer has nothing else better to do at home or at work.
      Otherwise for a fulltime housewife like me, I would be nagged like hell for spending too much time on writing alone.

      Honestly, when I write 2 posts per day, I had been nagged already, let alone 33 articles!

      best of luck for those who are passionate writers.!!

      • Ya, he is rich. He is rich enough to travel round America visiting the small towns. He is also smart and take an interest in science and politics.
        Many of his articles are politics.

    • I could never do it. I do not think I could write that much in a lifetime let alone in one month. He must really love writing so maybe this was pretty easy for him. If you are passionate about something, it would not be that difficult to come up with 400 words in a short amount of time. But to come up with more than 30 articles in one day, incomprehensible. He would live at the keyboard or maybe he dictated it to a program that wrote it for him. Anyway, kudos to him.

      • Yes, he is passionate about writing, especially on those intellectual or political stuff.
        These are the things I do not like to read, much less want to write.

    • I once challenged myself to do 100 articles in a month. That was enough!

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