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Challenge of writing 1000 articles a month

One of the top writers in Ezinearticles, Lance Winslow, ever challenged himself to write 1000 articles a month.


He did complete the challenge.


His articles averaged 400 words.   That means for that given month, he wrote more than 400,000 words. 


I think that is the ultimate challenge for a writer.  That is especially when you do not get paid for the articles.


Ezineaticles is a free article directory.  Anyone can submit articles to them, but they will check the quality before publishing the articles.  In fact, they are known for rejecting articles that do not meet up to the standard.


Ezinearticles do not pay writers for the articles, and they do not require payment from anyone who wants to download the articles for publication either online or offline.  They just require that the author profile is intact, and all credits given to the author and the website.


In fact, I often see the national newspaper in my country use the articles from Ezinearticles.


I have never, and will never, give such an impossible challenge for myself.  I will never submit 1000 articles for free too.


Perhaps when I am jobless, and desperately need money, I can accomplish the impossible. 


However, I do not have the time, motivation, and energy to write 1000 articles a month.


I cannot even write ten posts every day for any website for a month.   I cannot even write so many articles and publish in my own blog too.  The motivation is just not there.


I think those who can take up the challenge of writing 1000 articles with 400 words per article are really passionate writer.


All writing sites will appreciate this kind of writers.


A list of the writers in Ezinearticles shows that Lance Winslow is still the top writer there.  He has more than 30,000 articles.


He never uses ghostwriters to write the articles, and he does not need to promote anything or sell anything.



He is a rich guy who just loves to write.

Image Credit: pixabay.com

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    1. He sounds like a very very persistent guy; but this means that he didn’t move off his keyboard for an entire month?
      I would like to try this. It sounds like a thing!

      • Obviously being rich allows him to do that. He likes to travel to small towns in America. He still managed to write when he was on the move.
        Many of his articles were political in nature.
        I think when we want to tell the world how stupid the policies are, or how stupid a certain politician is, we can really write with passion.

    2. That is indeed a fabulous achievement for which he deserves praise, but I will never ever try to follow his example, and even if I did, I would not have the time, inspiration and motivation to write 1000 articles a month. One must be extremely passionate and imaginative to obtain such a unique performance.

      • Yes, you can if you want to.
        He writes a lot of opinion pieces on politics.
        It does take passion but then everyone has the passion to share the stupidity of politicians.

    3. suny said on May 26, 2016

      @Rapid Blue That is not as difficult a job as you think in the beginning. I have written 100,000 words in a month for one site for years and I am sure you know which site I am talking about.

    4. Ha!! 10,000 articles…I’m lucky to write 10 articles!! I do have a “personal” life besides my on-line life!!

    5. Oh, my mistake it’s ONLY 1,000 articles…that’s still way too many to write in a month!!

      • Unless you have something to complain about.
        I think Donald Trump has set a lot of people off, and they are writing so much about him, especially about how much they hate him!

    6. 1000 articles does sound like a lot but I would not mind trying to this feat. Sounds like a good challenge. At the one site I wrote some of us would try to write the maximum amount of articles in a day which was 15. I did it and it was a challenge.

    7. Who is up for this challenge?

      • haha, not me!
        I do not even want to try to write 500 articles per month.
        I think @support will be very happy to publish your 1000 articles a month.

    8. 1000 articles in a month = 33 articles in a day, provided that the writer has nothing else better to do at home or at work.
      Otherwise for a fulltime housewife like me, I would be nagged like hell for spending too much time on writing alone.

      Honestly, when I write 2 posts per day, I had been nagged already, let alone 33 articles!

      best of luck for those who are passionate writers.!!

      • Ya, he is rich. He is rich enough to travel round America visiting the small towns. He is also smart and take an interest in science and politics.
        Many of his articles are politics.

    9. I could never do it. I do not think I could write that much in a lifetime let alone in one month. He must really love writing so maybe this was pretty easy for him. If you are passionate about something, it would not be that difficult to come up with 400 words in a short amount of time. But to come up with more than 30 articles in one day, incomprehensible. He would live at the keyboard or maybe he dictated it to a program that wrote it for him. Anyway, kudos to him.

      • Yes, he is passionate about writing, especially on those intellectual or political stuff.
        These are the things I do not like to read, much less want to write.

    10. I once challenged myself to do 100 articles in a month. That was enough!

    11. This is incredible! However I don’t think I can ever accomplish this kind of challenge. And at least not for free. Either it has to be for payments or for my own sites…never for free!

      • Same here. If I want to write, I write for money.
        I will not write for free.
        Even if I am rich, I still will not write for free.

    12. At Bubblews writing 10 articles a day leading to 300 a month was within reach for me and I did it regularly. Writing 1000 a month on a regular basis would be a task.

      • I cannot make it too. Lance wrote 400 words article, not 100 words to 150 words that we wrote for Bubblews.
        I think if I have to write to pay bills, and if the rate is as good as Bubblews, I can probably try.

    13. suny said on May 28, 2016

      Maybe he has means to type his work by speech. In that case he can do it easily besides it is not an impossible job to do. He is rich so he is doing for free but I will write up to 3000-5000 words per day if the money is right. I have done it in the past years constantly.

      • Yes, that is one way to do it, unless he has exceptionally fast typing, and he can type as fast as he speaks.
        I think you are really motivated to write 3000 to 5000 words.
        If money is right, I think we will all do very well.
        Nobody has the problem of writing in Bubblews because the money is very good.

    14. 34 POSTS a day is no mean achievement. I will try it out myself.

      • I know I cannot make it, so i do not even want to try.
        I think 10 articles a day is more than tiring.
        I think if you want to try it out, that is good. Even if you miss it by a few articles, you are still way better than not trying.

    15. cely said on June 3, 2016

      I wrote 30 articles per week when I was in the other site 4 years ago.Per article was paid $2.00 . Each article at 300 words each.That was a very promising site. i got big payment those years.Just multiply $2.00 x 30.

      • Wow, that is a very good rate.
        I think you must have earned enough to pay all your bills in this case. If you have $60 per week, you would have at least $240 per month.

        • cely said on July 2, 2016

          @scheng1, That is true , that site was based in France.They are publishing top rated magazines. But sad, they temporarily shut down.My earning was indeed awesome.

      • That sounds good. Hope this site will also grow like the old one. How is the pay rate here by comparison?

    16. I don’t think I can ever achieve this, not to mention that, if I give myself a challenge like that, I will definitely use those articles for my own website, instead of publishing it somewhere else.

      What this guy achieved is really impressive, that’s 30+ articles per day! And with a proper length. Amazing!

      • @ninab The amazing thing is that this guy is not writing for money. He writes and then publish in free article directory.
        I think that is really for a love of writing.

    17. A thousand articles per month is just too much for me! I don’t think I can ever bring myself to accomplish this especially if I have a full-time work, too. Maybe if I quit my full-time work and just rely solely in my writing earnings, then I need to push myself to write this much article to earn a decent amount.

      • @cessy08 Even if I need to make a living by writing articles, I will still not write 1000 articles a month.
        His articles are not short 100 words articles.
        All his articles are 400 words and above.
        I definitely do not want to give away the articles freely by publishing in article directory.

    18. I wondering if he is retired man. If it does, then writing will be his past time. If I am in his position, I will do the same thing. It is not having desperate move but passion to do it.

      • He is a rich guy who has sold his business and now he travels round USA to visit the small towns.
        I think he just loves to write, and he loves the fact that he has a great following in article directory.

        • Well, a rich man can have all the time to write. Most of us love to write. But then, time constraint makes us slow a bit in making their own compositions. I guess the world is perfect for him and he can travel one country to another.

          • A rich man definitely has the time to write, but rich people do not have motivation to write.
            If you check the bookstore in your country, how many books are written by millionaires and billionaires on their own?
            Even if they write, they will hire ghostwriters.

            • There are some lapses, right? Not all rich people can write. It depends on their passion and interest. I don’t have the time to go to a bookstore just to see the write ups of these people.

    19. Writing an average of 33 –34 articles a day is unthinkable. I mean one can only put in 10 — 12 hours per day. This means one has to write over 3 articles an hour! And this for ten continuous hours.

      • cely said on July 2, 2016

        @Vivian Sudhir, This cannot be dome by one person. Like my niece, so that she could earn more, she hired another ghost writers and she pays them thru bank to bank. My niece is like me, hardworking hehehe, but she earns more than me considering my active job, while she, full time writer on line. She is receiving almost $800 a month. Sad, she never told me about her site name. Se always wakes up anytime in the evening to write.I cannot bet her.

        • Wow, your niece is really disciplined.
          There is no doubt that she will be very successful in the future.
          Probably she will get a house, paid off the house, and then buy another one to rent out to other people.
          In this case, she will be a rich woman by the time she reaches 40.

          • cely said on July 5, 2016

            @scheng1, My niece is 18 years old college student. She saved her money. I advised not too overspend useless stuffs for job on line is not easy, we pay the bill plus body gets easily tired.

    20. cely said on July 3, 2016

      @Vivian Sudhir, Better hire to help your write articles to the site you mentioned that requires you lengthy words like what my niece is doing, she earns big every month.She is an IT college student in Cagayan de Oro College, PHINMA Education Network.

    21. I could never do what he’s doing. When I was writing at Bubblews I once set myself a challenge of writing 10 posts in a day and found even that difficult.

      I see one of the topics he writes about is “writing articles”. I’ll have a look through some of those for inspiration.

      • @Gina145 I am sure you will find inspiration when you read the writing of those prolific writers.
        They sure have a way with writing that makes you think that writing is so easy and so effortless.

    22. This person, even being a likely full time professional writer, or a full time freelancer achieved a lot, but we can’t go for 1000 articles a month with the quantity and quality of offline work we have, apart from online.
      But yes, we can set our targets and aim to achieve them.

      • This person is not a full time writer. He is a retiree.
        In fact, he retires very young. I am not sure if he sold off his business or just let the business earn enough to feed him.
        He spent his time writing and travelling to the small towns in USA.

    23. Hmmm! well that is what I call passion.
      passion can really drive you to doing some crazy unthinkable things you know, especially when you are so in love with what you are doing. it can make you look at the clock and say it’s 2pm while it is actually 2am in the morning because you have been awake and extremely busy all night

      • Yes, that is definitely passion.
        Nearly all of us want to get paid for writing, but he does not want.
        He writes so many articles and publish on Ezinearticles for others to read and to download freely.
        I will never get myself to write high-quality 400 words articles for free.
        Even if I put in my blog, I still expect payment.

    24. I wish I had the time to accomplish this challenge. sadly with my offline job it doesn’t remain much time for me to fulfill my online activities

      • Even if I have the time for it, I doubt that I will have the motivation for it.
        I do not even make myself to write a blog post a day for my own blog.
        Somehow the motivation is lacking.

    25. A thousand artilce in a month, i think it is very difficult. i just can write 4 articles a day

    26. It is a ultimate challenge for sure. Maximum articles (posts) I wrote on one site (myLot) for a month was a little above 100 and they were not so long. Some were long some little shorter. But that writing 1000 long articles is difficult.

    27. Seems interesting but it is a difficult task. Writing some 400,000 words without an intention to get some rewards is awesome. I think the man would be a great author or writer. He may consider authoring books as I think.

    28. Thanks for giving information about writing articles on the site but writing 1000 articles in one one month is not difficult because very writer can do this job if he is by birth article writer because creative writing is rests on birth abilities that provides every writer on his birth.

      Nature puts in the writer’s brain creative writing qualities on birth but these qualities are awarded by God in the shapes of images not words.

      Keep in mind, thee are two types of writes one by birth writer and secondly self writer on the basis of experience and study. the second type of writer cannot write even five article in a day while by birth write may write even as he wish because creative writing rest on images not on words.

      If you are full of images words will appear on the mind screen saying this use me for your images a fact. Words are the slaves of images not the images are the slave of words.

      First of images appear on the mind screen and the images trace the word self because they know how to give word dress to the images. It is the image that makes men great not the words that make men great.

    29. It’s not difficult to have a huge task. It’s just a matter of determination to finish it and enjoy while doing it.

    30. It is very difficult to because you will take time to make research, writing is a very big task someone can emback but in they hand is needful for us to be reading new books every day. All the books we enjoy today they did not write it overnight but very great preparetion also with budgeting.

    31. WOW that is a huge accomplishment, one that Im not so sure I could do. This inspired me however, and I am going to challenge myself to try and do 20 this month. I know that sounds small compared to this but it’s a start right.

    32. 1k article in a month can be challenging for everyone. Writing quality article with 400 worlds for individual article is really challenging. This can ruin the eye and make the life pensive.

    33. Writing is really hard work to do, and we all love to be reading new books everyday one thousand in a month can be every difficult and challenging for everyone, but it dozen matter because it is about determination towards it, like me I like reading new books when I have chance, I wish you goodluck.

    34. I know writing is very difficult so I can use this which am writing as an example, because writing deed researches other to know what your up to, will also give your time because it needs time to do research and come out with a words or topic that will motivate people to buy your production when you publish it. I really appreciate those who writing many of the books we read today it is not easy to do.

    35. Amazing and challenging indeed! I myself can’t do that, It needs time and effort to complete that task.

    36. There are a multitude of different types of articles, including news stories, features, profiles, instructional articles, and so on. While each has specific qualities that are unique to its type, all articles share some common characteristics. From forming and researching your idea to writing and editing your work, writing articles can give you a chance to share compelling and important information with readers.

      Make a list of potential topics. You might want to write about immigration or organic food or your local animal shelter. In order to write a coherent yet concise article, you need to narrow the topic. This will give you something more specific to write about, which will make for a more forceful article. Ask yourself these questions:
      What interests you about this topic?

      What is a point that people usually overlook?
      What do you want people to know about this topic?
      For example, if you want to write about organic farming, you might say to yourself, I think it’s important to know what organic labeling means on food packages. It can be very confusing to know what it all means.

      You should care about the topic you choose to write about. Your enthusiasm will show in your writing and will be much more engaging for your readers.
      Your goal is to convey enough passion that your readers think the issue in your article is worth caring about.

    37. That is too many articles.. I mean for free.


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