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Cat is So Wise; Destroyed Window Screen to Get Inside

Last night, my cat kept making noises near our bedroom window. It was about 2 a.m. when I was roused from sleep by his scratching and pushing at the window screen.

I ignored it because I was so sleepy and did not want to get up to check. It kept making sounds as if appealing that I let it come inside our room. I do not allow it to sleep inside the house because it might pooh inside. I could not take the smell!
One time he let go of his waste in one of our bedrooms, until we discovered where the obnoxious smell was coming from.

From that time on, he was banned from sleeping inside the house. We allow him inside in the morning for just a short while, then we put him outside where he could watch over rats or snakes from the vacant lots near our house.

Then every night, he would rouse me from sleep with his scratching on the screen.He made so many attempts to get in till it apparently get tired. Then last night he was so successful in making an opening at the window screen. He tore a part of it enough for him to get through. He jumped in our bed, and made him comfortable near my feet.

Though we do not allow our cat inside, I always make sure it is clean, by bathing it.I use a shampoo and then blow dry its fur to make it comfortable. It is trembling though I used lukewarm water to rinse it.

Some Superstitions About Cats

Some people do not bathe their cats saying it will rain when they do so. Maybe it’s just a superstitious belief or a folklore. Do you also have some superstitious beliefs about cats? Some people said it will bring bad luck if you happened to run over it while you are driving; or when a black cat crosses your way while you are walking.

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Keeping Cats Clean

Cats need to be kept clean, like dogs, because they roam the surroundings to catch rats, lizards or snakes. I make sure to wash my hands after touching or holding it.I do not allow it to lick my hands because its saliva could have some bacteria in it. It was already injected with anti-rabies vaccine when we had it spayed.

Cat owners should be careful when cats scratch them or lick their hands because it might be infected with rabies. It’s urine or waste could be infected with leptospirosis so being clean in handling the cat is a must for owners.

Cats Are Wise

I do not like cats as pets before because I do like the idea of touching it. I always like dogs for pets. Then when we adopted that feral cat, I learned to love it because it is easy to teach/train like a dog. It was then I discovered that cats are intelligent too. It knows how to get in our house by clawing on the screen then making a hole for his entrance. He is such a wise cat.

Do you own a cat? Is it also intelligent? Which do you prefer as pet, a dog or a cat?

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