Being Able to Foresee Consequences

This isn’t being psychic or a magic trick, it only requires logic.  Plain simple logic.  Most people, however, are not logical.  They don’t predict the likely outcome of their actions, when it is pretty likely what will happen.

Some people think before they act.   They know if they do this, then it is likely that will happen.  In some cases, it is more than likely.

For the purpose of a clear example, I’ll deal with an actor you never heard of.

This chap got a role in a drama series and got a lot of attention.  It was due mainly to the character he portrayed.  Having an inflated sense of himself he behaved as if the role was somewhat ‘beneath’ him and he was some magnificent thespian who would, in a few moments, be in demand.

Instead of clinging to that role, making everyone on the set love him, he behaved as if he was important, and the other actors disliked him and the producer disliked him, so he was let go.

Maybe he thought he’d be stepping from the series into a major motion picture, instead he went into oblivion. From which he has never returned or will.

Now, logically a person how got a role on a drama,  would hold onto it as if it were a life preserver, and make everyone on the set love him and want to work with him, and do his best, so that when the series ended, he’d have offers.

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One of the usual and all too common traits of actors is their belief in their importance.  It is a very shoddy belief.

Firstly, people often fall in love with the character the actor is playing.   Not the actor him or herself.   That is why in some shows the actor can be easily replaced by another actor to no damage to the series.  Just think of CSI; it survived easily.

Secondly, it is not logical to think that if people like you as this character, they will like you as that one.   One might leave a show for a motion picture which tanks.   Although that actor might have had no part in the tanking, the stink of ‘fail’ clings to them.

Thirdly, when one leaves a job they should have an equal job lined up.  If it is not equal than unless one is working for a Boss From Hell whom they want to escape, sticking until certain that there is a possibility, or simply taking a leave of absence, just in case, is logical.

Some actors might ‘fear’ being typecast, but in some cases, where one has created that kind of iconic character they can continue to play, then be typecast.   For one will have work.

Acting is an easy profession to examine in this matter.  Other situations are not as simple.  Many times people jump without parachutes and hope for a safe landing.  If they are young and have opportunities, they can recover.  If they are over thirty, not so likely.  And once they are over forty, it is likely they won’t get another opportunity as the one they lost.

Sometimes, thinking about what you are going to do before you do it, going through all the ramifications, may prevent you diving into oblivion.

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