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How to Have a Life?

How to have a life? Not that I am lifeless. I am still breathing, moving, eating, sleeping and waking up is a miracle every single day. What I mean is that sometimes I am living someone’s life. I am interested in following someone’s life instead of improving my own. I am happy when I learned that someone is happy and having a life that is really successful, while I am here only waiting for their updates and if I am not hearing from them I became lifeless.

This is bad. Life should be well spent because there are lots of people who even wishes their life should continue. Some people have an illness and they have expiry dates based on their doctor’s analyzes. One should not wait before it happens. We should make our life be worthy of our exists. We really need to exist and do our purpose.


I have to admit I am lifeless. This is not an ideal life that I dream to have. It is not that bad. Actually, I am thankful that despite my illness I can still be online and talk to my friends. I still have my family, we have a rotten house, I have my pets with me, two friends that stick around, others do not know that I am still alive. Right now, the big question is, how to have a life?

I cannot promise that my technique will be good for everyone. This technique are all came from some research at Google. Let me share some to you.

First, you need a notebook and a pen. You should write all the things you want to do. You should start to write about what you WANT because from your lists, the inspiration begins.

Second, once the stuff are on lists, inspirations will come out. You will now remember what are the things that you need to do. You will prioritize the things that you NEED to do from the WANTS in the lists.

Third, makes sure that from the NEED, you have some that will make you feel excited and enjoy. Some of your lists might sound boring so you need something that will thrill you. If you put on the lists that you need to write 10 blogs a day, you should also include watching some romantic comedy films after it. If you put you need to have a dentist visit, you also need to include having your hair trim or visiting a massage parlor. You always need to pamper yourself after a hard work, baby.

Fourth, if you already have listed, then you need to plan when the event will begin. You need money, time and effort to make it happen. To make you have a life, you need to experience everything on your list. This will surely make you feel refresh, motivated and happy. It will even make you a better version of yourself.

Fifth, a little research using Google on what are the things that make a life more valuable will really help you to be innovative. You just need to pick those things that you can afford to do with your budget.

Sixth, prepare yourself and like what is write in Nike, just do it!


Image credit: Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/woman-girl-freedom-happy-sun-591576/

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My simple guide to LiteracyBase as a newbie
July 21, 2016
LB-simpleguidetoliteracybasepabloMy simple guide to LiteracyBase

I am thankful for my friend who invited me to join LiteracyBase. I actually heard about this site a few days ago, but have not made up my mind whether to join this or not. Glad that my friend recommended this to me, and I just joined yesterday.

Yes, I am still a newbie on this site. It did take me some time to get myself familiar with the site, but it didn’t take too long. I would like to share with you my first day experience in LiteracyBase, and hope my experience might give you some ideas or inspirations to join us and have fun here.


It is a site where we can write blog posts, participate in forums, express ourselves and share just about anything with others. Of course, for a better description, you can check out About Us page.


There are several tasks we can earn some rewards, such as logging in, updating our wall status (just like how we do in Facebook), commenting on forums and blog posts, sharing the posts in social media sites.

Two major tasks that help us to earn good rewards include writing blog posts and referring others to sign up.

Writing Blog Posts

The requirements for writing a blog post are quite simple: minimum 300 words, original content and the content should follow the site’s content policy. It isn’t too difficult to write a post with 300 words, sometimes you will just shoot over 300 words easily without even noticing it.

Go to Blog menu, then click on Post Now, there you can create your blog post. After submitting the post, it will be reviewed by the moderator. Once the post is approved, it will be shown in the Blog page. You can also check the status of the submitted post in your Dashboard.

Referral Signups

It is recommended to share your referral links to others, so you can bring in more members to the site. You will get a share of your referrals’ earned rewards up to 10% or more as referral commission. I think this is a really attractive bonus for us. You can get your referral link from your DashboardProfile.

To learn more about the rewards, you can go to Rewards menu, then click on Earn Rewards page. There you will get to see a simple video tutorial, and a list of rewarding tasks. Clicking on the task will bring you to another page that give you more details about the task, and how to work on it.


Our earnings will be updated at the top right corner every time we performed a task. This is really rewarding, as we know exactly how much we have made up to date.

I think there is no fixed rate for the task, especially the comment. As stated in the FAQ section, there is a complex algorithm to calculate the earning for each content, depending on the quality and quantity. Though I have no idea how the algorithm is, I believe when we are writing good quality content, our earnings will be better.

These are what I observed from my earnings so far:
Logging in: $0.01
referring a visitor: $0.001
creating a new group: $0.002
updating profile/wall status: $0.001
commenting in forum: $0.001 – $0.02
The earning for comment varies, I think this is where it depends on the quality and quantity.
I have not submit any blog post yet, so I am not sure how much we earn from a blog post.


It took me some time to figure this out. On the top right corner, under the earnings, you will see your avatar. Next to your avatar, there is a box greeting you “Hello“, then your name below it, followed by Log Out. Clicking on your name will bring you to your dashboard.

There you will see the following options:
Activity: List out all the activities you have performed and also this is where you can update your wall status.
Profile: You will get your referral link here, and also number of visitors & signups referred will be shown. Your current balance will be shown here too.
Notifications: I guess this is where we always need to check and respond to, so it keeps the conversation going.
My History: This is where it shows the individual earning for each task, so you can get a picture how each task worths, and you know how you can improve to get better earning for each task.
Settings: Here you can change your settings, especially the email settings. You can choose how you want to be notified via email.

Other options available in the dashboard include Messages, Friends, Groups and Forums.


Payment method: PayPal or Payoneer.
Minimum payout: $10

I am happy that the minimum payout is considered quite low. I am hoping I can make my first redemption very soon, and I can tell everyone out loud this site is legit and paying!

Another advantage of this site is there is no daily limit. You can participate as much as you want and thus earn as much as you can.

Though I have joined LiteracyBase for only a day, I enjoy spending my time here, especially with other active members around. I think it is worth to give it a try, no matter how, we are not losing anything. We still have fun, we still learn and we still make friends with others around the world. Let’s give it a try!

If you would like to make some extra money while blogging and interacting online, join us at LiteracyBase.

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