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Potato chips were never patented
July 9, 2018

The man who invented potato chips was George Crum, who was both African-American and Native American, and a chef employed as a chef at Moon Lake Lodge –an elegant resort in Saratoga Springs, New York. And getting complaints from a customer about thick, soggy fried potatoes, Crum wanted to teach the patron a lesson, so he sliced a new batch of potatoes as thin as he possibly could, and then fried them until they were hard and crunchy. Finally, to top them off, he added a generous helping of salt. To Crum’s surprise, the dish ended up being a hit with the patron and a new snack was born.

Crum found success with his invention and even opened his own restaurant in 1860, called “Crumbs House.” Served on each table was, of course, a basket of potato chips –which was a hit with his upscale clientele.  But in those days, people of color were not allowed to take out patents on their inventions and Crum never attempted to patent potato chips. The snack was eventually mass-produced sold in the bag without giving him any credit.

Fun Facts: Flavors Around The World!

  • In Britain, potato chips are called “crisps” (and they say “chips” when they mean fries!)
  • In Germany the most popular flavor is Paprika
  • Indian chips are often exotic spices used in curries, like Masala, Coriander, and Red Chili
  • In Indonesia, they make chips from Cassava
  • In Greece, Oregano is the most popular flavor
  • Japanese chip-eaters enjoy Seaweed, Wasabi, and Soy Sauce & Butter Chips!
  • Potato Past

    Rumor has it potato chips date all the way back to 1853, where a hotel chef in Saratoga Springs, New York, George Crum, set his mind to figuring out how to please a difficult patron who constantly sent back his fried potatoes for being too soggy. Crum decided to slice the potatoes as thin as possible and deep fry them until they were extra crispy. His new potatoes instantly became a smash hit and were added as a regular feature on the hotel menu as “Saratoga Chips.”

    Crunch Creation

    By the 20th century,, chips had gone from fine dining delicacy to stay-at-home snack. Ohio-based business Mike-Sells Potato Chips was founded in 1910 and claims it is the “oldest potato chip company in the United States” although there are a couple other companies who claim they got there first. People would buy chips in tins or have the amount they wanted scooped out from a glass storefront at the market, but this left the chips at the bottom of the tins to get stale very quickly, until California businesswoman and chip innovator Laura Scudder came up with the idea of packaging them in wax paper and ironing both ends shut, creating the first bag of chips! With the invention of the chip bag, it became easier to mass produce the popular snack, while keeping the crispiness and flavor fresh.


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Homemade French Fries aka Potato Chips
January 19, 2017

Do you love French Fries?

I am sure that majority of us , especially kids and teens love French Fries served at fast-food and Western restaurants.

French Fries is also known as Potato Chips which is different from the snack chips.

Some may call them Fries, Finger Chips or French Fried Potatoes depending on the country that you reside in.

Here, generally, French Fries are sold in Regular or Large size which is one of the side dish for burgers, Pizzas, Chicken or Pork Chops and Kids Value Meals.

However, French Fries sold in the market are highly marinated with raw salt and fried in REUSE or RECYCLED oil which are not healthy and highly saturated with fats plus calories.

I had noticed that many teens would dump in French Fries into a paper bag, toss in a sachet of salt and pepper, crumple up the neck of the paper bag before shaking them well.

This action surprised me since French Fries itself were marinated with raw salt, why do teens add in more salt than required?

Hence, I would never allow my kids to follow those unhealthy way of consuming fries.

Instead, I would rather homemade French Fries at home, knowing how much salt I had used and what type of potatoes and oil I had used for my kids consumption.

  • Reduce as much salt as possible and try not to reuse the oil.
  • Re-Boiling or reheating the used oil would induce CANCER in long term run.
  • Don’t fry French Fries often, turn it into a “treat” for special occasion or reward for a good purpose.

Although French Fries is considered as a Junk Food or Unhealthy Snack, controlling the amount of salt used and proper cooking methods help to reduce the calories and fats consumed.

You can also use an Air Fryer that use high technology to cook food, HOT Air Frying that doesn’t use oil at all.

How to make your own French Fries


  • 600g large potatoes
  • Lots of Sunflower or Peanut Oil for deep frying
  • A Little salt


Method of Making:

  • Peel all the potatoes.
  • Slice them into thick rectangular lengths ( alike the French Fries at McD)
  • Place the raw potatoes into a bowl of cold water ( tap water ) and let them soak for 15min.
  • Soaking helps to induce firmer and crispy French Fries.
  • In addition, it will remove the excess starch.
  • Drain them and dry thoroughly with kitchen paper towel.
  • Lightly sprinkle a little salt over the fries and shake them.
  • Heat up wok or electric deep fryer to 190C with sufficient palm or peanut oil.
  • Make sure the potato fries are dry not wet.Otherwise the oil will start popping.
  • Drop in the fries into the wok / fryer into the hot oil.
  • Try to separate them by using the spatula to loosen them.
  • After a few minute, flip the fries over to cook the other side until crispy and a little brownish.
  • If you are using a deep fryer, lift up the basket to drain the excess oil.
  • Shake the basket to allow the excess oil to drip off for a few minutes.
  • If you are using the wok, use the spatula to lift up the fries to the side of the wok.
  • Then transfer to a kitchen paper towel to absorb the excess oil.
  • Serve hot with chilli sauce or tomato ketchup.
  • Don’t add in salt because the fries were marinated with salt already.


Recipe created by @peachpurple

Photo taken by @peachpurple

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