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The Transformations and Newness are Coming
January 10, 2019

Soon there will be the many changes there’s many reasons why the changes should occur. Change is what some aren’t thrilled about. To have to adjust to a transformed environment can cause some to behave oddly. All persons won’t understand why the changes need to occur but change is and has already occurred. The disagreements about why a change occurred could ether be explained or declined to explain. It’s better that individuals attempt to adjust to “transformations.”

Acceptance is so difficult for mankind. Some aren’t able to understand because they’re unwilling to. There are many individuals having difficulties because of what they felt should have occurred. Some disagree because of positioning perhaps they’ve wanted to move in a different direction. “Transformations are welcoming to be apart of newness and to explore the many options available.” (Tanikka Paulk). Just attempting to speak about the difference can cause some to think they’re railroaded.

The many explanations supplied seems to still incur the misinformed notions. Listening to what’s said and understanding will develop the finalizing. Some are unwilling to listen to reasoning. Time continues to move forward there’s progress and determination to reach the “destination” which will offer greater. Allowing the transformations is quite helpful. Progressive measures are and shall continue to be effective. There’s working whether seen or unseen.

Headed in what direction? The right direction is where some have decided to move towards. Yes there’s the downwards and upwards. No matter how many times I’ve explained what I’ve felt needed attention some haven’t understood. Their actions demonstrate they’re unwilling to allow, accept, incur. Progress is made when there’s a decision to allow progress. The actions will produce abundance or decreases. Changing one area to another area.

Inside motions and outside motions. The movements are occurring some of the moves should occur without persons being able to view the moves. Privately producing actions transforming from one set to the next. Gathering of the necessary “information” so that the projects are completed. So many have tried to interrupt but there’s still the advancements. Conquering, reaching, accomplishing despite what has occurred. “Somewhere is where I am now and with the continuous motions there will be the finalization.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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There are too Many Differences in the World
There are too Many Differences in the World

When I read some opinions in my discussions and blog post I wrote, I see how much different my culture is from that culture on the east, or from some groups in my country. I don’t know. Maybe it is not a culture, but individuals who are cutting edge vain.

What can I say about  a male writer who believes that all women make beautiful just to catch a good marriage and therefore all women are a just slave to men and just live to please them?

I have nothing to say but that from my viewpoint and how I am raised, I highly disagree and I think that those men are vain  and live a lie.

Men are ones  that are a slave to women, let me explain why.

If you are no good  husband in my country women  divorces you, take the alimony, children, and half property.

That means you are obligated to please your wife. If she is not happy with anything – your money, your relatives, your job, how you look, how you perform – all this can be a sole reason to dump you.

Whenever she pleases, with no further explanation.

On the East the situation is quite different – women is considered a property of her husband, brother or father. If any of them  do something  to somebody else, like stole money, that somebody can claim his sister or any female member of the family to be a subject of a rape- like it was in some misfortunate  incident when sisters were demanded as a blood debt over brother’s financial debt.

It is not surprising to me when a person from the same origin comes online and claim certain things, even they are  mild.

The whole system of marriage is composed on the idea of coercion. Not only for women. We still have  arranged marriages in my country. men are  ridiculous and pathetic about it. I don’t know how anyone can live like that.

To conclude my makeup debate – women make up from same reason man wear an expensive suit – to show status and skill. Not to find marriage because in Europe and  West we have personal freedoms, we are not so gender biased and sex-obsessed, so that everything comes down to marriage, who has to do something and what is forbidden.

If you don’t make crime, everything is allowed.

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