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lady and the unicorn and southern cross book

Lady and the unicorn is book by author tracy chevalier

Talks about a man and a woman about forbidden love due to that old age they lived it. This story is not new, and little confusing at start. But Nicolas is a man who works as a great artist started his new work and that is doing up the museum; art wise walls, and there Nicolas become in love with the attractive girl who is a rich man’s daughter. while doing the arts in the their . but not only she attracts him there is another one and another one attracts Nicolas’ attraction. will he gets the rich man daugeter or what? Or you can’t tell , story is very complicated, and if you are not in novels and old ages, then you wont like it

Lady and the unicorn written by tracy


Southern cross book

Book is starts with Police Chief Judy Hammer who handles the responsibility of Richmond and helps her in that most trusted assistants, Deputy Chief Virginia West and also the officer Andy Brazil. One is aggressive and experienced police agent, the other young

but smart and show off. They were all hated through Richmond team who looked at them as intruders into their home; especially when Judy Hammer introduced softwares and measures that were so successful in New York city. The trio met with great resistance from the police team; not to mention, everyday battling against the growing rate of crime and politics.

These are really tough ladies, similar to MRs Scarpetta and her niece; but they are with better attitudes. First this started quite nicely and went ok to the point West and Brazil got rather childish in their thinking and attitude of each other’s affection, and begin the telephones and other stuff from non existent boyfriends. especially when both of them has activities were one not just for profit, but to enjoy time only yea

story new with twist too, until end, to see a guy defend himself so not to leave it to a some public defender.

the notebook and elephants can remember
April 29, 2017

the notebook a romantic book, is an amazingly captivating love story the author is Nicholas sparks

Style of writing is beautiful and really share you any the emotions and angery of the story


The story is about the relationship between Noah and Allie who were sweethearts when they were younger, they were deeply in love

But a little after they begin dating one another they are separated and no contact between them

The girl, Allie meets another man after a while, fast they become engaged.

One day Allie opens the paper and sees a news with the picture of Noah on it. So she decides to find out, why this happened to him, and help him before she go on with marriage.


Elephants can remember, book by Agath christie

This book starts with novelist Ariadne Oliver being asked by a woman who wants to know if Ariadne’s god daughters mother killed her father or its the other way around Ariadne

Oliver enlists the help of Hercule Poirot, who is an old friend of hers.

Celia, who is Oliver’s goddaughter also want to know the real story about that which part of the story is correct if any, ot there is a third party to it

With Poirot helping Ariadne sets out to solve this mystery. When the team start to investigate, they become surprised by how much and how many people remembered so much from the time of the crime happend

The end reveals in events answer to the old crime to the family of celia, though its 20 year old mystery, when someone unveils it, poirot

Agatha is one of the first crime writers that I read for

the way she tell intelligent, i used to see some series those old days too for her solving the crimes, some i read already about, its good book to read, if you like suspense and surprises too

Dont judge a girl by her cover
April 29, 2017

Dont judge a girl by her cover is 2009 produced book, the cover is awesome of a girl in her uniform

pages: it has 260 pages, not big one

Don’t judge a girl by Her Cover, is girly book about Cammie Morgan she a spy who attend a spy school on the other hand Cammie’s friend Macey, and that is her real frind has to attend any kind of political conventions as well as campaigns, Macey then in danger to be in two side. With the new enemy who is running after her. Cammie puts Macey in danger too, so to protect Macey what she has to do? risking her cover and her spy school? Cammie  or Camero really smart and brav girl who protect her friends and do not think of herself as she think for them Don’t judsge a girl, Her Cover is meant for all teeangers and of both sexes

Its not spy and freidnship book but also romance and adventure, the author is Ally Carter. Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover is good one for the girls who like strong girls and also like detective books or stories too

I have enjoyed book and sure your teens will do to, its one of the books I used to like, written in clever and smooth way to enjoy the spy ideas and spy book, friendship is the main thing in this book

its simple not complicated and there pure innocent love and great friendship and funny spy events too

these are some of the quiote that i liked

I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don’t dare to let out

Sometimes people run to see if you’ll come after them

And as every spy knows, common enemies are how allies always begin

the little book of jokes for kids of all ages
April 24, 2017

I got this the little book of jokes for all kids, online from amazon, easy to relate to and enjoy your time.

The jokes so great, they are simple definitely andnot few. The jokes are family friendly book sine its for kids of all ages and so many nice jokes and they are new jokes and entertaining. I was a little hesitant to buy it and put it in the waiting area of my friends school as a prime teacher, as you need to wait to see her. but definitely did the work and there is less whining people about how long they waited to see her

I definitely liked to. the perfect type of jokes gathered in one book

Really good book to help passing the time. The jokes are of any and each type.

The jokes were listed from A to Z. and nice font for all to enjoy it.

Book really is cool. This book written by Martin Ellis


Overall, I liked it and was fun book to put in the waiting area, especially for schools and companies also, for the parents.

Really this book affordable and it’s make you smile, very glad that my friend really liked it and used it and it did serve her

The little book of jokes for all age kids by Martin Ellis, I sure liked it and happy that I buy it, I do recommend it for people who do make people wait for long long time

To be honest I did not know that there is such a book until I saw it by myself when I was browsing amazon.com for new books to buy for home and for family. i guess i will buy one for our home, you never get bored from jokes, you can make games about it, such as each one read a joke every day

Insomnia book by stephen king review
April 22, 2017

Ralph Roberts is a 70 years old man who lost his wife, and he lives in Maine still suffer from sadness; loss of his wife forced him to accept lonely life, he find it hard to live like that and hard to eat but most, sleeping is the hard, though he thinks is ok for his sadness.he find it not easy to sleep yet he sleeps few hours. When his insomnia progresses, he started to see coloring balloons above people’s heads

At one point he find a friend and they become attach to each other, that later his new friend Lois sees also balloons as well. Weird but makes ralph happy that he is not alone and of course not losing it

Both make a list of good doctor and bad, the good are Clotho , Dr. Lachesis, and bad was Dr. Atropos. They have told that this insomnia that they have is du to higher entity that induced it to them. With bad events happening, Ralph and Lo try to save the residence.

After the situation where they become like that, women’s rights activist  her name is Susan plans to visit the city

What is it? What is real? What is not? How the story will end? Are these two real? You will know that after you get the book and read it

The book is by Stephen king, it has 672 pages, its available on amazon store, not sure about the price, I bought it from friend long time ago for 30 dollar or so.

Hope you have good idea what the book is about and you can decided if you like such story or not

Insomnia book by stephen king review to help you to know little about the book

and if you bought other books to stephne king then you sure know what to expect from the book and whats not to expect

have a good day literacy base

whisper beach book, teens issues
April 19, 2017

whisper beach book, teens issues i read the book in one day, it was not too big book, but here is the story in the books

Van who lives in whisper beach, is 18 year old , has good personality which make ven liked among her friends, and just like high school girls in the movie she is dating the popular guy in her city, and his name Joe Enthorpe. Good picture for a teen girl yea? But at home her father is always drunk and she daily blames him for loss of her mother. She hopes her love story is going to be better then her parents, but she saw Dana flirting with Joe and he does nothing, so the great love she felt for him, end since joe flirted also and did not stop diana. With broken heart she ran away get drunk sleep with another guy and there she is real pregnant girl.


She left whispering city and only go there to be with her cousin Gigi to be in her husband funeral. She find that old team missed her and loved and hated dana for what she did.

The main reason I did not like reading the Whisper Beach again, because the story wasn not deep enough, its talks about teens life in old days, alcoholism, and neglect , real issues but many of the tv shows and all the books and magazine talk about ti too.


It is typical human story there is no twist or new events. Summery of the book is, it talks about three women and their lives from childhood to after school

The book cover is nice and its price is 5 dollars used one, I do recommend it for those who do not read lot of drama, but if you fed up from drama, don’t read

IT the stephen king book
April 12, 2017

Do you like to read It or have you read it already?

IT is one of its kind, hard to tell if its horror or love or what, its old book but many still read it

In a small town far away Derry maine, lives seven kids, they grow up together and shared a lot together, they are joined in a club band known in the town as losers. These children has to fight the pure evil but they have to fight now or wait twenty seven years to try fight devil again, since the he shows every twenty seven years only to devore the children if that town. The trick is that eveil comes in the dancing clown image, that is Bob gary or penywise any way the kids were able to kill him or they think, yes they think because aftet twenty seven what happen? He shows again and they have to fight him and kill him as big boys

This book is not only horror book, its friendship book too, you will remember the friendship at young age

Its how kids face the world together, how they dream together,

It is book pulished on 1986 and that is really old book but people still like to read more from Stephen king

The name of the book IT means the devil, devil is it

The kids who are 6 boys and 1 girl the childhood friends, unite to fight

Though its horro you will like their friendship and feelings, love, fear from childhood to adult life. Seven kids had to cross the bridge.

It shows you how to live in love and live in fear, life.

for those who do not know the author he is american writer for horror books, and for ages he wrote and people read and liked, are you one of them or you do not like horror books?

The League – The dirty face of cricket as we see it today- Review
March 23, 2017

Dirty League- Seven teams- no rules by Mr. Rajeev Rajendra

This is all about the latest book written by Rajiv Rajendra ‘The League’ is out to show the real face of not so real cricket being played these days especially the T-20 leagues, the fastest version of cricket. The novel is second by the author based on cricket and its timing must give it an instant reorganization, as the timing is so perfect when the IPL-6 is in its prime stage. The book is all about money, scams, match fixing, murders and involvement of big guns from different fields society and it has become dirtier with the latest spot betting incidents those took place recently to make things worse which were already gloomy.

Most character in the novel need no introduction as they introduce themselves, take Prince Abdel Raftar al for instance who started the league in this novel on Palmyra Island who look so similar to filthy rich UAE billionaire Abdul Rahaman Bukhatir who started it all in Sharjah. The author has given a new dimension to character of Raftar by mixing a little bit of Dawood Ibrahim into him to give it a touch of mafia connection and glamorous touch as well.

The League – This is serious matter

As we know the in the real cricketing world, the novel also revolves around the billion dollars The League Of Cricket that is played every year on an imaginary Palmyra Island started by a filthy rich Arabian Abdel Rafter al Rafter which has seven teams consisting famous cricket players from all over the world.

The teams have as unique names as we have in real cricketing leagues like- Violet Super Heroes, Yellow Scorchers, Orange Speeders, and Red Shooters etc. The league has seven teams, which look so close to real teams with so many similarities including real life players incidents, officials and owners including an interesting name Jahan Pnah Khan, which certainly needs no describing whom the author is mentioning here.

The book is having so many other real incidents like murder of famous South African coach Bob Woolmer, who was training Pakistani team when found dead in his hotel room. In addition, the incident when Pakistani wicket keeper Zulqarnain Haider disappeared from his team hotel to emerge in England later seeking asylum fearing threat on his life by match fixers.

Then there is a character resembling to former under nineteen captain Virat Kohli who is leading a IPL team and one of the most successful members of Indian cricket team in all three formats of the game. Let us begin from the beginning as the book is all about money involved in the game especially in subcontinent where people go to any length just to watch a game of cricket with all their concern toward their favorite team.

As we are a nation who loves our movies, cricket and politics without any reason whatsoever but for the sake of our affiliation to a particular team, party or film star. Same is true for this book that is almost a real story of today’s cricket, which sounds less cricket but more of a manuscript of a crime thriller with every page unfolding a new suspense. The main lead of novel a superstar of cricket of yester years who came out of retirement to become part of the game finds himself in such a mass that he decides to overlook happenings around to be part of the system to keep safe himself and his family members.

The overall theme of the book matches more with a suspense thriller and as the writer has himself agrees that he chose the time for releasing the book during IPL to make it an instant success. He also thinks that readers can see the relations between fiction and realities as they know facts despite their love of game do not allow them to distract. The author has used a famous mafia line frequently, which says that ‘Once you entered into the gang you can stay here as long as you want to but cannot quit it alive’

Here are few words about author of this wonderful book. The author of the book Rajiv Rajendra is a computer engineer and PG in Marketing and Finance who served a global bank for years who is co-founder and lead advisor of Aktrea capital who trusts in reasons and fairness in business with genuine advices, real knowledge and true leadership.

Rajiv Rajendra has an art production house that helps different artists in production, art and cultural work on no profit basis. This book has 131 pages and it is available online with Amazon.com.

The League : Seven Teams. One Tournament. No rules. (Paperback)

It was available on another online site when I searched it- infibeam for INR 87/ which is almost US$1.2o only. I hope you will find this book informative as well thrilling.

Image source https://pixabay.com/en/cricket-stumps-ball-sport-match-724616/

BHAGAVAD GITA: Lessons for whole life

I will proudly explain you about BHAGAWAD GITA. It is one of the sacred books of Indian mythology which contains 700 verses. Each and every line that is written in the book is a complete guide to human life. It is said that in case of any dilemma if you read this sacred book once you will surely find a suitable answer for your problems.

There are many lessons that can be learned from BHAGAWAD GITA which if followed will surely help the person to live a happy and successful life. the main highlights are:

1). NEGATIVE THINKING: This is the main cause for human failures. We should always think about the good that it can bring and focus on it. Everything has some good and bad associated with it but successful are those who move forward thinking about the positive.

2). RIGHT KNOWLEDGE: Problems are with everyone. But the right knowledge about the underlying cause will always help to search for the solution. It is the ultimate solution for every problem.

3). ALWAYS REMAIN SELFLESS: Selflessness is the correct way to proceed in life and achieve success.Simple focused efforts with clean heart that do not intend to harm anyone will eventually lead to true victory.

4).PRAY: Having faith in God , the supreme power that rules the world is always helpful. This faith will always stimulate us to move forward in spite of all the obstacles. The faith that God will always be there to guide and protect us can create wonders.

5).CONNECT TO HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS DAILY: Every day each one of us should work to improve ourselves. This will help us to grow physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

6).LEARN AND LIVE: Every passing day teaches us something or the other so it is wise to keep in mind the lessons learned and try to live with what we learn.

7).NEVER GIVE UP: The greatest power that resides in this world lies in YOU. If you believe that you can do it you will be able to do it for sure. Hard work always pays you back so it is wise to have faith in ones potential and never give up in spite of all the obstacles that come your way.

8).VALUE YOUR BLESSINGS: It is always good to keep a count of the blessings that God has bestowed upon us. Whenever you feel sad and depressed just start counting all the good things that you avail or have availed and this will give you a stimulus to get up and go.

9).ACCEPT THE TRUTH: You should always remain true to self and accept the reality. Living life in false hopes is completely baseless. Be practical and accept the reality. Then figure out the best plan that will help you to perform your best.

10). DEVOTION TOWARDS GOD: This will not only help you to seek guidance but will also refrain you from all the evil that resides in this world. There is no other substitute to clean and pure body and mind.

11).DETACH FROM MATERIALISTIC PLEASURES: It is good that realize that materialistic pleasures give only temporary happiness. The real happiness and contentment lies far away from all this.

12). LIFESTYLE: You should always adapt a life style that matches your vision. Doing anything to show to others or in order to maintain your status in life is useless and will lead you to nowhere.

13). BEING GOOD ALWAYS PAYS: If you are good at heart this is the biggest reward for yourself in itself. You don’t need others praise for this. You yourself are praiseworthy for being like this.

14). CHOOSING THE RIGHT OVER PLEASANT IS A SIGN OF TRUE POWER: Life always gives enough chances to choose between the right and the wrong. The wrong usually appears easy and tempting but the right path always appears difficult. Be wise enough to choose only the right path that will eventually lead to long sustained happiness.

Here are some of the important lessons of life which are very well explained in this holy book. Seeking guidance from it will surely help all of us to live a happy and fruitful life.

How Do I Earn A Book A Month?
February 25, 2017
As a stay at home and homeschooling mom, I would like to be able to earn some extra money while I can take care of my children at home. I am not earning big money, but I am happy to earn a little bit here and there, so I can at least buy a book a month. Though making money online is not my main focus (my main focus is taking care of my children), I set my target at earning USD$20 every month. It is about the price of the book that I usually buy from Book Depository, an online book shop where they ship the books for free worldwide.
Since some of the online sites I participated closed down or went down hill, so I have to revise my plan to earn this amount of money to purchase a book in the coming months. This is my latest making money online plan for March:
1. Make $5 from LiteracyBase
I have not been active at LiteracyBase since my baby was born last year. I think it is a good time to revisit LiteracyBase as the loading speed seems to be faster. I am planning to write at least one post every day, which helps me to make 15 cents. I will also spend some time to comment on the blog posts and forums, so I should be able to make $5 a month.
2. Make $5 from ForumCoin
ForumCoin is a paid to post forum where we can earn around $5 a month if we make 10 posts a day. This is a forum where I have learned many online opportunities and met some nice friends too. The first 10 posts a day will earn us 1 – 1.5 cent, depending on which sub-forum we are making the post.
The technical guy from ForumCoin has recently launched a Forum Coin faucet, where we can also earn a little Forum Coin easily, so this helps to top up to my $5 a month pool.
3. Make $3 from MyLot
MyLot is a nice community where we can post almost any topics we like to discuss with others. I enjoy writing and interacting with others there, though the earnings are not very high. So I just set my target as 10 cent per day. I plan to write a post a day, and spend some time to interact with others too. I hope I can reach that $3 a month.
4. Another $7 from other sites, such as PTC and survey sites
I might not get the payment every month from PTC and survey sites, but I am targeting to earn at least $7 from the several sites that I am participating, such as ClixSense, EasyHits4u, Ayuwage, LogiPTC, MyFreeShares, NeoBux and GlobalTestMarket. I am also participating in GrabPoints and iRazoo. Though these are slow earners to me, I hope to work on them a little here and there, so they help me to make the remaining $7 for that month.
Do you set your making money online plan for year 2017 or the coming March?
Hope this simple plan might give you some ideas how I get to earn a book a month, and I am happy to learn how you achieve yours too.
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