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Where to Get Your Website Design & Development for Your Business @ Less Price
May 12, 2017
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Where to Get Your Website Design & Development for Your Business @ Less Price

Softance is offering a very good discount price at this period and season. If you want to design and/or develop your website, or you want to design and/or develop a mobile app for your business or for some special purpose, or you want to design and/or develop a desktop/laptop PC application for some tasks then you have to visit www.softance.net for you to get the application designed and developed at very affordable price, or you call it’s customer care representatives via the following line:

+234-80-77-60-69-60 or +234-80-89-222-348 or +234-818-767-4775 or +234-706-286-0995.

Softance is a software solution system, an organization aimed at enhancing the speedy and healthy growth of business with offering the design and development of intelligent software ranging from the common web applications through native applications on various platforms.

Some of the few services it offers for the growing of international and local business are:

  1. Website design/development and hosting,
  2. SEO – search engine optimization,
  3. SEM – search engine marketing
  4. SMO – social media optimization
  5. SMM – social media marketing
  6. Digital Marketing etc.

Some cool features of every software it develops are:

  1. Robust,
  2. User-friendly,
  3. Responsive,
  4. Smart, etc.

It is really cool to have Softance design and develop any software you would like to function as you desire. It is not just going to do a nice job, it also has good market reputation. Softance is just the software solution system that you really want to have do your job best.


If you have a growing business or a business which is not growing the way you really want then you have to try Softance for speedy and healthy growth.

If you have great business ideas and really want to sell fast then try Softance.

Website design and development is so cheap to get since Softance is around and available for your services.

NOTHING Is Nothing In A Critical Case
March 19, 2017

NOTHING Is Nothing

Sometimes one can hear another say there is nothing in this thing you are doing. Another will say I see nothing in that which you are doing that is what doing at all. One at another place will be curious to know if what he is doing will let him get what is nothing. I am just asking; what is nothing in a sense? What is actually this nothing?  Because it seems no one has ever revealed what is nothing. Where is it found? Where can one actually find it? Should someone know where nothing is staying such an one should tell me. I am waiting to know this nothing. And when I get to see nothing hope it will be worth the work of getting to find it?

Nothing is what you make it to be. Hope you are not confused with my write-up? I am trying to see nothing from another perspective different from what I was told nothing is. I just said I was told what nothing is, no I was not told what it is but rather I was told what it is not. Can I then know what it is by knowing what it is not? The answer to that is partially a big No. I believe nothing is actually what it is. It does not exist but it can be considered as a part of what exists.

To me nothing is something that is actually nothing on it on. It can be in something which when in it can make the thing become more noticeable. Something cannot be in nothing but nothing can be in something. Make something out of nothing by seeing different aspect of the nothingness of a thing and you will know how to combine the different part of a thing which is nothing to produce a something which cannot be considered as nothing was made to become that thing people want.

March 19, 2017
  1. Understand: Most often things do not go the way expect them to go and when this happens you are kind thrown away by the problem. You most often get to do things which are not the same all the time especially when you change the kind of job you were doing or when you change your previous environment. You will always have to do things which at first you have to reason how to go about it. And when you finally know what you want to do the way you are doing it might not be how to do it. This means we have to have the following understanding to actually not get overwhelm which is most likely to develop into boredom.


  1. Understand what you are doing. So interesting to know that what you think you know about a thing might know truly be what it is. So if you are going to do anything and not get bored you should understand what it actually is, else it becomes a guess work. Things you are guessing what it is, as long as it is not a game, is never interesting and what is not interesting is boring. Surely, you do not want to do things which are boring. In fact you can’t continue do boring things for long. So look out to know what it is that you have around you. Yes pay the sacrifice of learning to understand what you are doing is about. This is one of the secret of most successful people. I can still recall my friend telling and commending me of how good I am in programming and that he can’t just seat for too long just to be programming and in fact that is has left off learning the programming because he can sacrifice such amount of lengthy time for programming. Then I told him the reason he can’t spend so much time on programming is that he doesn’t understand it – do you know what he answered? He said “yes that he doesn’t understand it”.


  1. Understand how to do what you are doing. Repeating the same thing and having so much the same error or different error is quite frustrating in life. Trying a thing without knowing how to properly do it in the right way to bring the right result is also quite boring. So it boils down to learning how to do what find yourself doing just the right way. Do be in a haste to rush into a task you have not fully understood how to properly go about it to bring the desired result or outcome. I believe that is a whole comprehensive lecture simplified. If you think this is not worth learning then do not complain any time you find yourself do a thing that you have not learnt how to properly do it. No blacksmith tries do a task, as a big project, if he has not properly learnt how to do it to avoid costly mistakes. Same with many other professionals in various fields. So learn to Understand.

Hope you found this useful in your day to day activities. Whether when working in your house, school, office or any place, learn to understand to avoid  becoming bored.

March 19, 2017
bayreuth-Things To Do While Bored

Some persons often find themselves, at one point in time or the other, not having people around them or somethings, such as their phone, laptop etc., not keep going without being bored. However, it is good to know that, even with the availability of anything one thinks can keep him or her busy, that does not actually guarantees that a human will not at one point in time be bored. Nevertheless, one can actually prevent becoming bored. In this article, all through the parts, we shall be looking at how one can prevent becoming bored.

  1. Get Out: get out of your usualness is the key to not being bored. It has a long way to go to make it really possible for you not to be bored in most cases. There are many things you should get out of. I shall try to make it so comprehensive, yet so simple to follow.
  2. The first Get Out shall be that of Get out of Where You Usually Stay. Yes whenever you start get a feeling that where you always be is gradually becoming so uninteresting to continue being there then you have to change and locate another place that will help you not become bored. If you do not change this fast enough it could gradually make you become bored.
  3. The second Get Out shall be that of Get out of How You Usually Do. Start doing the same you have been doing in a new way. There is not just one way of doing a particular thing, rather, there are many ways of doing the same thing in a unique and quite interesting way that produces different beauty and give life to what you usually do – still producing the same positive and desired result. To keep on doing the same thing the same way does not make one discover other ways of doing things. It also does not make one become creative in exploring other methods. It does not make for improvement as a result of trying other ways of doing the same thing.
  4. The second Get Out shall be that of Get out of What You Usually Do. Sometimes you just have to take a break and do something quite different from what you use to do. You need to know when to take a break when doing something that is tedious. This is just a way of taking your mind off the main task just for the purpose of reinforce. It does not mean you should abandon what you ought to do. So, it is actually a routine method of mixing activities – but it gives the greatest priority to the main task. This makes your heart not to overwhelm by what you have to do.

We have just tried to see that with just getting out we can actively, effectively and efficiently prevent becoming bored.

In the next parts we shall also see how we can still further prevent becoming bored by applying other approach.

March 18, 2017

Round Up Session

How Traffic Brings Money:

This is how it works, when other new – unpopular website are launched, especially those that are into real business and want their business to get expanded, they will want to advertise their website so that their target market scattered over the internet can get to know their site and do business with them. But such companies will have to look for a site that has very high traffic – and more helpful – sites that do have traffic involving users who are interested in their kind of business. If they find any, they pay a negotiated fee with the website owner and they place their advert on the fly which will be visible to other users as soon as the visit they visit the site.

This is not the same with ads which has different types such as Pay per Click (PPC) etc. Pay per Click is not negotiable as the pay per click is a pre-fixed amount determined by the owner of the ad appearing on your website. You can go online to know which ad program is more rewarding in the world wide internet. Need mention of affiliate marketing. This is another important aspect of making money online by promoting a particular company brand.

Hey, I have said so much where I do not intend to say what I have just said. This was not meant to be a guide on how to make money online. However, it has really touch the fact and revealed the truth to make you discard every wrong conception you were holding about whether every website make money by virtue of being a live website.

Now, we have come this far, can we make summary of all the fact we have read from all the series of this article which has been split into four parts. The first three part touches the five (5) TRUTHS ABOUT MAKING MONEY ONLINE. While this last part being the fourth part and still being the part of this article. Here is the summary of points presented:

  1. YOU DON’T MAKE MONEY BY JUST HAVING A WEBSITE ALONE – hope you can still remember that “to make money from it you must plan on how to make money from it

If you can remember what it point above means read the part one through part three to get full understanding.

Honestly, there are other things you should also know about the concept of how websites generate money to the web owners. Feel free to add to this piece by commenting using the comment box provided below. And if I see need, I will also write a guide on how to make money online. I am a web designer and a web developer so I should have some things concerning how and what way the internet works. You can also contact before for counselling and mentorship. Yes I am also available for work in this time period

March 18, 2017

Here is the fifth (5th) Truth you should know about making money online.


In the early part of this article we could see that no website makes money by just simply being live. Yes, that still holds but you also have to know that apart from you selling online you can also make your website generate money for you. Did you just ask how? If you just did that then you are not actually far from getting the answer here. Though I may not give you a comprehensive guide on how to make your website generate money for you, however, I will be pointing out some things to you which you shall find useful for making your site generate money for you. Whether you own a website or you are hosting your articles on a free website of a blogging forum the same things hold when it comes to generating traffic.


By the way what is traffic? You don’t have to look it up in your dictionary. Traffic on the internet simply refers to the number of users on a particular website concurrently. Hope that was simple enough for you to get the meaning of the term internet traffic. You can see it as the number of visitors to a website per time. That said, now the question of how do one generates money from traffic is still yet unanswered.


The truth is that the traffic does not automatically generate money to the website owner but it does when the website contains interesting ads that users will be attracted to click. Has that answered your question? If not, then read on else you can leave this article but before you leave you also need to know that you can turn your website to be an advertisement service provider. Yes that is another way of making your site generate money for you.

March 18, 2017

In the previous post we saw two truth about making money online. Now, we are to see two truths about making money online. Hope you will find them useful. Relax and read on…


Don’t think that the moment you just post your product or services online you will have customers who are interested in buying what you have. Yes, your viewers might love what services you render on your website but what will make the user pay for any of the services is if he or she really needs that particular service you are offering him or her. No one pays for something he does not really have need for except he is not sure of what he needs. So, you really want to make money online try to offer quality products or services that meet the needs of those that visit your website per time.



While most internet users who sell online will tell you that you don’t have to pay to sell online, that is not true. Whether you are selling on a commercial e-commerce website or on your personal e-commerce website or even any website, the website often need to have payment gateways integrated into it for payment via cards or online transfer to be possible. Most (In fact all) payment gateways are not free, you pay for some services in some ways. As I have seen, all payment gate ways charge for their total services they render you to help get payment transactions done. Some are high while some are low charges. However, one sure thing is that you must pay for the services provided to you for payment capability by the payment gateway service providers. If you are a seller on an e-commerce website like Konga, Aliexpress, Jumia etc. then you also pay for these services to the owner of the e-commerce website who in turns pay the payment gateway service providers

To be continued…

March 18, 2017

As a webmaster and a programmer, I often meet many people ask me “How a website does makes money for the owner”. I often, first, laugh then easily tell them making money online is not as they think that once a website is live it will start making money. The owner must plan how he intends to make money from the website if he really wants to make money from the site.

The following points help:


One sure thing is that you always pay either per month or per annum for hosting your website. So you see the sure the is, as long as your website is live, you spend whether you plan or not. However, to make money from it you must plan on how to make money from it. You must offer service on your website worth paying for and you get users pay for the service. There are many ways to make money online, whether through a website you own or not. Follow my subsequent post as I will be gathering my years of experience in this internet world and share with you the useful things you need to make money online.


Now here is another misconception some people have about using a website. I have overheard people say, “Hey, I won’t spend my time browsing, viewing the photos on Facebook just to generate money for [FACEBOOK OWNER –
Mark Zuckerberg]”. No site owner gets a dime for visitors browsing their site alone. Site owners may get money when you click on an affiliate link on their website or when you click on ad etc. Yes the more users a website get online per-time, called traffic, the more it attracts companies interest to advertise with it.

To be continued…

Taking Dimension Measurement to The Digital Level [part 2]
pluto-and-moons-617x416 AMOON


A proposed sensor fusion technique which is less costly both economically and computationally, that will allow a wireless digital distance dimension detecting device to detect an obstacle, find the distance and also measure the size of the obstacle. Our system uses a mobile phone camera and an ultrasonic transceiver device to achieve this. We use the range data collected by the ultrasonic sensor with the image captured by the camera for object detection and object size measurement. Figure 1 below is the block diagram of the proposed system.


The ultrasonic sensor detects an object by transmitting pulses of microwave and wait to get the reflection of the microwave. If the obstacle/object is within the range of the sensitivity of the ultrasonic sensor the transmitted wave is reflected by that obstacle and the reflected wave finds it way back to the ultrasonic sensor receiver.

The micro-controller module calculates the time of transmission and the time the reflected wave gets back to the ultrasonic sensor receiver, and using the speed of electromagnetic wave the distance of the object from the ultrasonic transceiver sensor is computed by the micro-controller. The distance is then communicated to the mobile phone app.

The mobile phone app request for the value of the distance of the object from the system and uses the value together with the information captured by its camera to compute the dimension of the object detected. The value of the dimension is shown on the phone screen.


Equipment/Component Required

  1. Ultrasonic Transceiver Sensor
  2. Micro-controller
  3. Bluetooth Module
  4. Mobile Phone
  5. Power Supply Unit


The Bluetooth module is what is intended to be used for interfacing the micro-controller to the mobile phone. Once the phone wants to measure the dimension of an object it will send a message via Bluetooth communication to the microelectronic to get the distance of the object from the system for use by the app.

Since the system is proposed to be implemented, at the production level, the communication between the Bluetooth and the micro-controller system shouldn’t need an external cable connections. However, for designing and constructing the prototype, the systems are not integrated internally into a single device so the communication between the micro-controller system and the mobile phone can either be achieve using a wireless communication such as Bluetooth, infrared etc. or a wired communication. The wired communication will however make the system less isolated and less robust.

At the prototype level, the micro-controller system will still need an external power supply to power it other than that of the mobile phone which is usually coupled to the mobile phone and there is usually not a means of connecting cables to the terminals. Usually, most micro-controllers are powered by 5 Volts power supply,  so the mobile phone could still power both system but this is more easily accomplished if the systems are internally integrated together to produce a single smart mobile phone. The coupling of the system to come up with a single smart mobile phone will be more appreciated by the targeted users.

Taking Dimension Measurement to The Digital Level [part 1]
pluto-and-moons-617x416 AMOON


The usual method and tools for measuring dimension solely relies on contact between the measuring instrument(s) and the object of interest. However, when measurement is to be made where the instrument should not, or cannot make contact with the object there is usually a drawback on achieving the aim of measurement of dimension.

WIRELESS DIGITAL DISTANT DIMENSION DETECTING DEVICE (WDDDDD) is just one way of overcoming challenges faced with the aforementioned techniques of measuring dimension (length, height) without involving contact. This can be accomplished with sensor fusion techniques. Sensor fusion is the integration of two or more sensors to accomplish a desired task. There is no single sensor that can accomplish the above task at present. The sensors that shall be used are optical sensor of a camera for getting the target image information, and ultrasonic sensor for getting the proximity of the target object from the system. The data from both sensors shall be processed by the two systems associated with each sensor and the final processing shall be done by the mobile phone software and display the result to the user.

It could also be a substitute for the method of measurement which has to do with contact, as technology is far advancing into wireless and automation of things. Sensors are the heart of this technology, obviously there is need for the wireless and digital means of computing the dimension of objects.



The use of manual measurement of dimension which is commonly done by use none electronic devices such as tape rule, Vernier-calipers, screw gauge, has some limitations in areas where contact between measuring instruments and object to be measured is not easy or is costly. Here, wireless digital distant dimension detecting device is very useful. When automation is also necessary and if such automation requires measurement of any dimension at some point then the measurement has to be done digitally, which in most cases will be in favour of wireless distant measurement.