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Samsung S8 vs Google Pixel
April 10, 2017

Samsung announces two new models of galaxy series Samsung S8 and S8+. Both sets have many new features. This time Samsung introduce new ways of unlock your smartphone. You can now unlock your smartphone using IRIS technology, Face recognition and finger sensor technology.
They have introduces with higher battery life and also Wi-Fi charging.
Samsung latest mobile set is S8 having impressive infinity display.
Google pixel with apple like appearance and pre android capability.
Comparing Samsung S8 with Google Pixel
Samsung S8 $720
Google pixel $650

Release date
Samsung S8 April 2017
Google pixel October 2016

Samsung S8
Height 149mm
Google pixel
Height 144mm
Samsung S8 is taller than google pixel

Samsung S8 155gm
Google pixel 143gm

Samsung S8 aluminum glass with curve edges
Google pixel aluminum glass

Water Resistance
Samsung S8 has IP68 water resistance
Google pixel not water resistance

Samsung S8 5.8 inch
google pixel 5 inch

Display type
Both have AMOLED over IPS technology

Finger print scanner
Samsung S8 back mounted finger print scanner
Google pixel back mounted finger print scanner

Face recognition
Samsung has added face recognition technology in S8
Google pixel not added

Iris Scanning
Samsung added Iris scanning in S8
Google pixel not added

Samsung S8 has snapdragon 835 octa core 2.3 GHz
Google pixel has snapdragon 821 quad core 2.15 GHz

Both have 4GB ram

Samsung S8 has 64GB
Google pixel 32 GB & 128GB

Samsung S8 has 3000mAH
Google pixel has 2770mAh

Wireless charging
Supported in Samsung S8

Camera megapixel
Both have 12mp back and 8mp front

VR headset
Samsung s8 supports Samsung gear VR mobile headset
Google pixel supports google Daydream but Gear VR’s content library is better and bigger.

Desktop deck
Samsung introduces DeX dock. Using DeX user experience desktop like experience monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Network supported
Both supports GSM / HSPA / LTE / 4G Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot

Both supports v4.2 Bluetooth, A-GPS, NFC, GLONASS, BDS, v3.1, Type-C 1.0 reversible connector

Samsung S8 are the first one which have Mobile HDR which supports HDR content
Samsung introduces a new digital assistant called Bixby, users can now operate many applications via voice instead of using touch.

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Li-Fi – new emerging technology
April 2, 2017

Li-Fi Technology

Li-Fi is a high speed Wireless communication technology like Wi-Fi.
Li-Fi is the acronym of Light Fidelity. where light is a type of energy and Fidelity represents the reliability of its nature.
The concept of Li-Fi was brought by a university professor Mr. Hardly Hoses back in 2011, which he shared publically and explained that light technology is also one of the most effective means of data communication. This technology is significantly advance than the Wi-Fi technology.
It is a visible light communication (VLC) running wireless communications travelling at very high speed.
Wi-Fi uses Radio waves to transmit data and Li-fi uses visible light.
The li-fi technology uses light emitting diodes (LED’s) to transmit data.
It is designed to use LED light bulbs. A special chip that modulates the light imperceptibly for optical data transmission.
Li-Fi transmit data using LED bulbs and it receives data by photoreceptors
Li-fi early speed was 150mbps, but after further work the speed now upto 10 Gbps
Light spectrum or bandwidth is approximately 10 thousand times up.
Faster than Wi-Fi
More secure then Wi-Fi, because data cannot be intercepted without clear line of sight
Removes nearby network interference
Low cost
Suitable for electromagnetic sensitive areas like hospitals, aircraft cabins, nuclear plants etc.
Till now Safer for environment plus for human also, no radio waves involved
Short range, requires clear line of sight, cannot penetrate obstacles like concrete walls etc.
Not suitable for mobility
Commercially it is tested and offered in Dubai by two companies du and Zero1. As per them they have successfully provide internet, audio and video streaming.
You can use Li-Fi in plane with low light bulb.
You can use under water with low light torch.
Many toys include LED lights and these can be used to support very low-cost communication between interactive toys.
Laptops, smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices can communicate directly using Li-Fi. Short range links give very high data rates and also provides security.

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