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New Love Story You Make a Cry

Only Sanjeewa was leaning back to bed and sleeping. Like a normal one, he was not as hell-friendly as himself to get to sleep easily and heal. Around a nearby car, the whole environment is rumbling as though it sounds good. Sanjeewa’s mind was somewhat awe-inspiring, but a fast car passing through the house drove it off.
An angel of moonliness that flowed into the room through the curtains clogged between the windows close to Sanjeewa was further increased. Sanjeewa had made his phone in the back of his mind with a confused mind.
He repeated the reading of one text message. He was watching it. A letter of words flashed through his eyes, a drop of a tear dropping from the cheeks to the bottom of his cheeks.
“Why is my white brother doing this to me …? What is the guilt I’ve done to you ..? Why is it that I miss this way?
It was the same person that Sanjeewa had sent in the night before, by Chanuka. A word that is read by words in a word and by the words of Sanjeewa only in a few words.
“I do not understand Chanu …. I do not know …”

Sanjeewa coined the tears. At the same time, he had a good memory of the pleasant memories of the pleasant years he spent with the time of one and a half years with Chanukah.

It is a painting painted with some colorful patterns, Sanjeewa thinks for a moment.
He walked with China and walked away from the seashore, walking up to the invisible dimension, visible to anyone. Chanu immediately gave a kiss to Sanjeewa and left his hand and ran out of the beach.
“Hey … you’re on the go …”
After pursuing Sanjeewa Chanu, he clasped me three times. Sanjeewa was stuck in Chenu’s Kelil smiles and innocent eyes. Both were not in a position to watch each other without looking at each other. Indeed, they were overjoyed with deep love.
Sanjueve felt that his eyes were as isolated as his eyes, and he felt his heart burning. It was so great to him that he was perfectly aware that he had full love for Chanu in his heart. Chanu’s innocent smile was portrayed in the eyes of Sanjeewa.
Suddenly, on the motorcycle, on the way, Sanjeewa entered the world. Sanjeewa who had looked at the phone for 20 minutes after two o’clock at two o’clock in the afternoon. Sanjeewa is still roaming the rest of the world. Sleeping goddess is alienated from him.
The whole environment is once again muddied in Silk. Due to the window blazing, the bright light of the moon was brighter than before. The room looked like a set of tables, a sculptured table, a metal cupboard and a bookshelf, creating the dark shadows in the moonlight.
Sanjeewa gazed at something out of the dark shadow of his writing table. It was shining on the writing desk of the bright moonlight, which brought the memory of Sanjaya to a remarkable and lonely little star of the school. But that was nothing else but Anjali was able to identify the silver-collar gems he had donned him to him.
Sanjeewa felt that the pleasant memories of Anjali would be overwhelmed with the dark memories of the timing of the show. It’s not an excuse to say that Anjali is the only woman who has mumble Sanjuewa’s heart except his mother.
Anjali’s smile impressed the petty voice of Sanjeewa’s heart. Sanjeewa is still a puzzle of what kind of anxiety he has in mind. Anjali, however, spurned the memory of Anjali’s disgust with the ever-present grimace of grief. Sanjeeva was stranded among the emotional enthusiasm, forgetting memories of Chanuan for a moment.

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Love Story…. for All Lovers

Randy, sister,

I wish that my grief was so terrible that I was so horrified that my fate could be so terrible … that I am truly grieved if I truly wish Just do this.
I was able to get that love out of my life as if I loved the warmth of life for some time, even though I was happy with the warmth of life for a while but it was forcing me to do it.
He is unique in his life like me in my life. He is his name. His name is Sam.
Although I grew up with my friend, I never knew him before … I was able to tell him that I was looking for love in my life … As a result, he met me with the idea of love and life.
I only know that even though he was swimming in the name of the name, I really knew that he was a resource to me. He said that although he got into love with me, when I told him it was Samyama, he said
“Take it a little longer before your brother does anything. If he loses his previous Efar and does not have a week yet, then take some time to do it.”
You and I would be surprised to find that Nalin and I were in touch with the conditions. But the same thing was true. Our love was so full that our love was so full that … However, the truth of Sammie’s constant was constantly changing my mind in the darkening shadows It’s too early to arrive …
“I do not think that I will be able to wait for more. We do not even know how to cry. Let’s make a decision.”
It’s Nalin … This is our love.
On the first day, he came out to meet me and still I remember in my memories and I do not want to recite it … because my memories are saddening me for the first time … that day I was kissing me on the main road … On seeing the tears in my eyes, I have saved this SMS since … This is it
“This is not going to leave you. I can not wait, honey. Now, you’re safe. I’m your one now. If you love him, you will not come.”
I told him that I lost my life forever and now I was wrong. It’s not a different thing. It was a bit of contempt for my boyfriend. I have not done anything to him anymore … Today I have left my name for a long time. I loved it very much. I was really cute about that kind of thing and it really is crying for me now …. love is so sad …?
Geithrel is trying to convince my brothers that they always try to fix the heart of others, because of my own sadness. I finally started to recollect my feelings ….

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Sad Love Story, Make You Cry….

Not all girls are …..

Get two minutes and say: ‘(:-(:’ (

“Oh, my brother is so angry that you talk to me ..”

“Senuu, please do not pretend to be lovely.” “Like a baby.”

“Why are you so angry now?”

“Angry … not anger … What happened to you, too late?”

“This is what you’re up to … Oh, my brother .. I said you had a delay in coming home … Mother was sick, even today ..”

“Yes, yes, now, it’s a heartbreaking saying, how do I know if it’s true? Who do you know from someone else?”

“Oh, no .. Why .. why .. .. you are talking like this .. talking .. .. .. you .. believe me?”

I cried honey like honey and bear honey … I did not feel any pain in my heart .. I just want to get out of this trouble.

“Do you want the Senou to open up the tap? Do I need to be ashamed?”

The bogeyman birdwrecked

“I’ll go and come, brother ..”

“What is hurry?” He said, “can not wait for an hour or two?” “Why else did you tell me where to go?”

“When you’re shy when I’m alone … I … I will never shame my brother … you will not be guilty … you are only the only one who is in your family .. to go home with care ..” .. Budusarana .. ”

Sene kneeled to me as I used to practice two slopes

Do not make fun of people in the world in this country. I always tell you.


“You’re doing sit for an hour online”

“Ah, no, no, no, I did not have a passport to log in. I was not showing online, I was staying with my mom ..”

Oh, you have not said a lie, Senou’s cheating is not enough to boil me with one of them and he’s coming out lying there ”

Oh no, I did not talk to anyone .. I did not have a word to speak .., my mother fell in love with a brother ”

“This Senu does not let the old woman die down.”

“Oh, brother … That’s my mother …”

“So I know hello”

“Mom’s talking to me.

“Yes, I’m going to do the same to other people.”

How does this make me laugh … how easy it is to hang hanging hooks like a leash
Four years now for this. But for the past two years, I was following Ken’s story.

Like the other Eva, this has begun to leave the jula in two or three months. But I forgot to leave it for any purpose. I did not know it for 2 years.

It’s not like this. The last one. Mummy. It’s a breeze.

Since then, I wanted to be free from this ailment … but where am I following this guy’s money backer? If I wait, I’m going to get rid of it. I ask this woman to dance for a damn thing.

So I thought about a year ago .. Now, in my world, there is Saana. .. I savor my Boarring Life with my saints with Senut .. It was beautiful all this time,
That’s it. That’s why I caught my hand and scared.


“I need some money a lot ..”

“That’s what the Objects”

“Please do not tell me if you can not give me”

“Okay, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

“Now I have money right now, not in just two days.”

“Uh … I … I’ll do something. I’ll give it back in the evening ..”


Why is this white guy puzzled?

It’s not urgent, Snu .. I just … I missed you.

Well, I was scared, but when I was calling this ..

B. No Senou nyc ..

Are you some kind of brother?

Not one, Senè this little money is a problem.

Why do you have a brother?

No, no, no, no, no, no.
Girl going to get caught up in my ass

I’m not sure that there are about 7 brother missing.

No, no, no, I will not.

Should I come in the evening?

No, no, no. Tonight, bring me back

Okay, I’ll come back, brother of Damascus.


If it’s urgent, the money you’ve collected for your mummies … is not right for you, it’s hurry.

Seniors said that money was mine for money

The girl is more drawn than last month.

I’m here with a girl like this, seeing one in the office will ruin my bite

All right, I’ll leave a chat.

So, I was tired of losing my mind, or else one more hour and then her flurry.

Hey, Sweet. Where’s Harry going to?

Oh, baby, I’m on my way here.

But there is a girl … It’s a baby right now

Watt … ?? Do not you have so many children? I’ve come so far as to get two fifty.

All right, baby. Maybe two more days, if not 10, but 20 can be

All right, let’s go. Then I’m down here and let’s go.


I’ve been taking an hour. The office’s one day. One has to go to the ghetto.

Bike stayed late in the House of Philosophy …

Get a good short I walk around me.
The side of the said was like a Kapil.

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