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Tips that will Help You to Pay Off Study Abroad Loans

If studying abroad is a dream, then availing a study abroad loan is one of the primary approaches for funding. The challenge arises when you need to start fulfilling that education loan. Achieving financial freedom and living a debt-free life is what every student aspires. Paying off the debt as early as possible can free up the earned income which can be further utilized to invest wisely for the timely attainment of financial goals.

Another major reason to pay off Education Loan for abroad studies in the stipulated time is to retain a respectable credit score. You will the 5 most effective and tested ways to clear off your education loan.

Read on.

  1. Pay the Interest During the Course Duration

Every bank or finance organization has its own policies for rate of interest which are applicable on the loan amount. These are simple interest rates and the compounding of this interest increases the financial burden when actual loan repayment begins after your grace period is over. Hence, it’s always better to choose a lender that offers a lower interest rate. It is really important to wisely choose the overseas education financer. Some Financial Institutions give an option to pay loan interest amount upfront and in one go. This facility is provided depending on the nature of course and underlying demographics. These kinds of financial organisations are to be approached.


  1. Smooth Planning of Finances

During the tenure of the course, spend wisely. Use a suitable Insurance Policy to cover the medical bills. Look out for some part-time work, which helps to put aside a certain amount of money on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter how small the amount is. Small amounts put together in a systematic manner amount to larger amounts in the future which can be utilised to pay student loan EMIs.


  1. Earn While You Learn:

Students should consider taking part-time jobs to bear the day to day expenses. This can help to repay a large chunk of money through instalments or through a single stroke. There are some lenders that do not charge for repayment or charge less. So, again it all depends on choosing the right lender. Nowadays, repayment of student loan debt or providing assistance for student loan debt is the new employee benefit incentive which is becoming very popular as companies find this to be a good way to retain the right talent.


  1. A Little Excess Interest Every Month Will Add To Big Profit

This is another great way of paying the study abroad Loan debt early. Also, there is a special provision given to students before they start repaying their education loan. Now this is in the case of both secured and unsecured overseas education loan. The moratorium period or EMI holiday period allows the student or parent to pay the simple interest applicable for loan only during this period. The completion of 1 year after finishing the course or 6 months after getting the job from the time the loan is transferred to the student’s account is the stipulated Moratorium Period. Then the regular decided EMI value has to be paid by the student every month. This can be definitely beneficial in the long run of repayment.


  1. Opt for Some Good Investments

This could be a creative way to pay off the higher education loan debt only after the student gets a job. Or if the student has some additional funds. The whole idea is to invest some money for a longer time frame. One of the great ways to do that is to choose a good Mutual Fund or alternatively invest the money in a Fixed Deposit which offers a fixed yearly return. Using this technique, the loan debt can be paid off by with the returns or interest earned from the investments. This way money keeps multiplying eventually easing out the burden of the entire loan amount.

Contact the nearest overseas education consultants to get complete guidance on education loan for study abroad which  now you know will not be overburdening.

Take the right steps today to live debt-free and stress-free tomorrow.

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Study Abroad Franchise: Success Rests in Getting Connected to The Overseas Education Franchisee Partner
December 20, 2017

In the recent times, there is a rise in the domain of study abroad. With every passing day, it is becoming a huge industry. Every second year, countless of the people are seen joining this industry. Yet, you have loads of opportunities, which comes in the form of obtaining overseas education franchise. There are several players in this industry, which can give you the chance to connect and get the franchise, however, the success rests in getting partnered with the best overseas education consultants. Earlier when overseas education was emerging in the market, there were just a few players who had captured the 80 to 90 percent of the business. However, with the passage of time (after 2011), more players seemed to add up making this industry competitive. Both old and new players started making their businesses stable in this industry via the franchises and Associates model.

Study Abroad Consultancy Franchise -The Best Bet to try your luck

The Study aboard Franchisee is among the best choices for people who are keen on entering into this domain. With franchisee, you can think of kick-starting your business without going for any tie-ups with the foreign Universities/colleges. You do not have to waste your time on making several tie-ups with different universities. You just require to choosing one of the best consultants who is known to have good tie-ups with several high ranked universities and colleges. Once you end up becoming a franchise or associate partner of your chosen overseas education consultants you can start the ball rolling for enrolling students and start earning the commission. The commission structure is often of 60% to 70% commission, which can be gained through the association of earning.

The Rising Trend of Overseas Education in Indian Cities

Earlier the trend of studying abroad in India was just confined to big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi but with passing time, even the smaller cities and towns to have started gearing up to send out students to countries like US, Australia, UK, Europe and Canada. The students with diverse background are seen pursuing their Post-Graduation and under-graduation courses. Earlier the students were majorly from the areas like IT and Management but with passing time, the students were seen choosing from diverse fields like Nursing, Public Health, and a wide range of Engineering specializations, hospitality, tourism and accounting to a name a few. With the increase of choices among the students aspiring to go abroad, the industry of study abroad has grown a lot. Hence buying the Study Abroad Consultancy Franchise can give you the chance to earn in a big way as you get an increased number of students in the market who are interested in flying to different countries for diverse countries.

Too many Benefits to get Study Abroad Consultancy Franchise

Sky is the limit, when it comes to the study abroad option. The more you work hard the more you get students. The fact of the matter is with every passing day, more and more students are looking for overseas education. Hence if you are lucky enough to get connected with the best study abroad consultants, you end up reaping a number of benefits.  Opting for the overseas education franchise can give you lot many benefits. You get a ready-made working model to work in this domain, which means even if you are not an expert you end up getting a simple and user-friendly working models.  You get a complete training apart from getting the required support to run the business giving you the best of the results. You get connected to the top-ranked universities without actually getting the tie-up on your own via your chosen partner.

If you are planning to buy an overseas education Franchise, you have certainly taken a right decision for obvious reasons. But as said the success rests on the kind of partner you are choosing. So, how about choosing the top study abroad consultants and end up getting the best results.

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