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July 24, 2018 at 12:48 pm

Cheating isn’t about the person you
are cheating on, it’s about the
Great question “What more does the
guy need?” — because he is looking for
something, right?
Things are not always what they
appear. Also, it’s absolutely possible
that when it LOOKED good it WAS
good. Things change. Sometimes
people cheat on their partners at the
highest heights of their relationship
because they have a pattern of self-
The bottom line is that relationships —
no matter how easy peasy, lovey
dovey they look — require diligent
work. Few of us are truly great at
intimacy and communication. The
more both partners work on both of
those the better the chances at
avoiding temptations and/or anything
that will thwart their relationship’s
depth and happiness.
And, some people really should just
date. Some people are not meant to
be in committed relationships because
they have something in them that will
consistently thwart their
commitment. Haven’t you heard guys
speak of other guys saying “I asked
him why he even wants to get
married. He should just date. He’s
not the marrying kind.”
Finding a partner who wants to build
a relationship on bedrock, instead of
quicksand, is the key. But keeping
that ground solid requires work — for
all of us.