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July 23, 2018 at 9:17 pm

coming from a religious
I strongly believe in
God. I believe in a Heaven. I
believe that God has sent each one of
us to earth for a purpose. And that
purpose is to help and love one
another. Not destroy humanity. You
may ask if God does exist, why is
there so much evil. Through my
religion and my personal experiences,
I believe people allow evil. God gave
us the ability to choose right from
wrong and some people choose
wrong. Unfortunately, wrong
decisions can lead to serious and evil
Throughout my life, I have questioned
God for many reasons – why did you
take people I love away so soon or
why do I have to struggle? Though I
ask Him those questions, I am still
holding on to my faith. I never lose it
even when in doubt. I take a moment
to pray. Through prayer, I begin to
understand and accept my struggles
and pain. Though it is not easy to do,
it is attainable. I know because I hold
on to my faith, and I look around at
all the blessings my God as bestowed
upon me.
Whether or not God exists is up to
each person. Some do not believe in a
higher power. Some firmly believe.
And there is nothing wrong with not
believing. Believing in a God is
entirely up to you. But if you believe,
you know He is on your side even
during your lowest times. When you
are feeling hopeless, you pray. And
when you pray, you stand up again.
You are ready to take on your hardest
challenges and look forward to
brighter days.
Here are three reasons why you need
God in your life:
Capacity to help others
You know about helping other people
in time of need. You have done it
before. But have you helped others
while you needed help yourself? In
other words, you are battling
something strong in your life, but you
put it aside to extend a helping hand
to someone else. You put your needs
and wants on hold to give that person
a sense of love and hope.
You start to believe it is easier to give
up. The struggle is just too hard. For
example, you lose your job. You
realize there is not enough money to
support your family and you have no
one to depend on. Finding a job is not
as easy as it sounds. It is taking too
long. At a time of desperation, you
turn to your God. You pray to Him,
and suddenly you gain strength. You
do not lose hope. You know things
will get better. You will find a solution
because you have a family to support
and in God all good things are
You feel lost. Things in your life are
going from bad to worse. Obviously, it
is hard to think of the positive during
these times. Nevertheless, letting your
God into your life can give you the
guidance you need to overcome the
bad. Perhaps you are so involved in
what is not going right, that you do
not give yourself the time to think
clearly. Consider taking 5 minutes out
of your day to pray for guidance. You
may not get the answer you are
looking for right then and there. But if
you talk to someone about your
dilemma, that person may give you
the answer you’ve been looking for.
challenge yourself and see how God works… thanks guys