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July 26, 2018 at 7:23 am

It’s now becoming unnerving how this guy across from you keeps looking your way and yet he won’t come near you. You’ve already shown signs that you might be interested, and yet he still won’t come near you. What’s up with that?
1. You have something in your teeth? Just because a guy is staring at you, doesn’t automatically mean that he’s into you. There is still that huge possibility that there’s something about you that caught his attention, but it isn’t attraction. For one, you may have just caught his eye – whether by your impeccably applied makeup, your elaborate coiffure, the pun on your graphic t-shirt, or that piece of broccoli between your teeth. Try to catch him staring at you and check if he’s looking to make eye contact or he’s staring at something else. If it’s the latter, then yes, it’s possible that you’re just wearing something interesting.
2. He thinks you’re cute but you’re not his type. Just because a guy thinks you’re cute, doesn’t automatically mean you’re his type. We all know how to appreciate beauty when we see it. But just because we think a person is attractive, it doesn’t always mean they’re the type we want to befriend or even approach. It’s very possible that he just thinks you look nice and that you’re easy on the eyes. But then again, who knows, he might be battling it out in his head whether or not to approach you even if you’re the opposite of his usual type.
3. He doesn’t have the guts to approach you.
He’s been looking at you for as long as you can remember, and yet that’s all he does – look. He doesn’t seem like the type of guy who approaches women regularly, and yet he still can’t take his eyes off you. One way to know if he’s the shy type is to check out his interaction with his friends. If you notice his friends also looking your way after he speaks to them, there’s the possibility that he’s asking his friends to approach you because he’s too shy.
4. He doesn’t want to be a bother. You notice him looking at you every once in a while, but you’re also distracted by the intense conversation you’re having with your friends or the killer dance moves you’re rocking on the dance floor. You’re having a lot of fun, and the attention from this guy is pretty welcome. So why doesn’t he come closer and get to know you better? Well, it could be that he can see you having a ton of fun, and he doesn’t want to be the guy who takes you off to the side and takes you away from your friends or the dance floor. If you think this is the case, flash him a smile and let him know that he’s welcome to approach you.
5. You look like the type who would reject him.
Believe it or not, some women have no idea just how intimidating they look to guys. Could it be possible that he’s intimidated by you, which is why he can’t approach you? You might be exactly his type, but the aura you exude seems so powerful to him that he feels unworthy of even coming near you.
6. You look like you have a boyfriend. Ever since you got to the café or the bar or the club, you’ve been on your phone. Or maybe you’ve been really close to your guy best friend whom you haven’t seen in years. The guy looking at you could be gauging whether or not you have a boyfriend. Naturally, he wouldn’t want to approach a gal who’s taken. So he’s observing you and checking if he’s right in assuming that you already have a guy in your life.
7. He’s still thinking it over. He’s been thinking it over for an hour now and he’s still just looking your way. How slowly can a man think? Well, when a guy overanalyzes the different possibilities that can happen when he approaches you, this can keep him from actually making a move. Some guys like a sure thing, and he might still be trying to check if approaching you would lead to a positive result. Yes, some guys take forever to decide!
8. He wants you to make that move. He’s been making eye contact. He’s been looking your way and smiling coyly. It’s like everyone in the bar has disappeared and all that’s left is you, him, and his intense gaze. Then why won’t he just come closer? Well, his long-distance seduction could be his way of getting you to be the one to make the first move. Are you brazen enough to take his bait, or will you stand your ground and wait until he just can’t take it anymore?
It’s frustrating to get all this welcome attention with not even a move from him. So when you figure out why he’s not coming closer, maybe you can be the one to make the necessary move to get the ball rolling!