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July 25, 2018 at 12:26 pm

1. Life Happens and
Things Change
Things come up, happen, and change
in our lives that we don’t expect.
Sometimes women really do like you
and, out of the blue, something
makes her realize she needs to shift
her priorities to more than just “guys”
and dating. Things like health, family,
kids, ex drama, career, death, loss of
a friendship, etc. come up and she
must shift her mind, thinking, and
focus to deal with it.
It’s not that she forgets about you.
It’s that she becomes so
overwhelmed and involved in the
situation that days and weeks can go
by before she realizes she hasn’t
called or texted.
2. She’s Not Calling
or Texting Back
Because She’s BusyFrom experience with women not
calling or texting back, some women
actually do have very busy lives and
they don’t live with their cell phone in
their hand.
Some women only take their cell
phone out once or twice a day and
they usually keep it on vibrate or
silent so it doesn’t distract them from
their busy schedule. They’ll return
calls and reply to texts at the end of
the day but they’re not in the habit of
calling and texting 24/7. If you’re
involved with someone like this,
patience is key. She’ll be impressed
when you don’t freak out and have
intense reactions to it.
3. She Gave You
Her Number To Be
Having a pleasant conversation with
you doesn’t always guarantee she’s
feeling attraction. She may just be
enjoying the conversation.
So, when you ask for her phone
number, she may not want to be rude
“no” or that she’s not interested. She
may just want to avoid conflict and
the headache of rejecting you.
A lot of women decide it’s easier to
handle the “can I have your number?”
situation by just being polite, giving
you her number, and then ignoring
your calls and texts.
4. She Doesn’t Call
or Text Back
Because Because
She’s Bored
In How to Quit Being a Loser With
Women , you’ll learn when I get her
number, I don’t call or text unless she
texts first OR I’m calling or texting to
invite her out. I never call or text just
to chat or make small talk. Since I
don’t know her very well, I’m taking
the chance of her getting bored and
changing her mind about wanting to
see or talk to me again.
This happens with TONS of men.
They call or text too much, make
boring small talk, and have nothing
interesting to talk about with her. All
she is thinking is, “Wow, this dude is
turning out to be pretty lame.”
In turn, she gets bored and loses
interest in calling or texting. When
she ignores your calls and texts, she
figures you’ll eventually get the hint
and leave her alone.
5. She Won’t Call or
Text Back Because
She Lost Interest
Her chances of losing interest are
very high if you don’t bring enough
excitement to the table. You now
have to compete with the games in
her phone, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
That’s why, again, I don’t waste time
texting, calling, and making small
talk. I only call or text if I’m inviting
her out and I’m going to see her face
to face.
6. She Was Never
Interested or Sure in
the First Place
My ex-girlfriend gives her number out
and rarely talks to the guy she gave it
to. We’re eating, her phones vibrating,
beeping, and ringing, and she’ll get
annoyed at her phone.
I’ll ask, “Aren’t you going to text them
back?” and she’ll say, “No. It’s some
guy I gave my phone number to and I
decided I’m just not interested or in
As you can guess, I’m sitting there
baffled, thinking, “Okay….”
She’s not the only girl who does it! A
LOT of women do this!…