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July 12, 2018 at 4:07 pm

She makes you jealous – After a breakup if your ex still wants to stay with you then she will make you jealous by sharing photos on facebook and whatsapp with his other male friends and try to show you that she hate you. She shares some happening moments with his friends and try to show you that she don’t care about you and she is busy in a party but trust me she wants to come back and stay with you that’s why she is doing all this and makes you jealous.
Promote your common friend to inform about each other – When you are in a relationship all you have one common friend who comes and help you in a good and bad situation. She tries to say everything to that common friends only because she wants to let you know each and everything she is doing so she can get attention from you.
She message or call you by pet names – In past few year of the relationship, you have a habit of each other. So at some point, she need help at that time she calls or message you by writing your pet name and she checks that are you giving attention to her? By this trick, she finds
a way to talk more with you.
Sharing past experiences – Time of breakup is the worst time ever in life. So at that time, she tries to share some past good experience spend with you. The only reason behind sharing past experiences is to fall you back in love by remembering that time.
Instant replies – When a girl breakup with you, there is nothing worse in her life than this. So when she get a chance to talk with you, she definitely gives you fast and instant reply . In a simple word, she doesn’t want to give you one more chance to ignore her.
Showing her emotions – One thing you can’t hide is when you’re crippled inside. She will definitely get back to you by sharing some emotions that what she suffer when you are not in touch with her and in relationships emotions can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.
Getting angry on your gestures – If she notices your gesture of talking with another person and she gets angry or feels jealous then she must want you in her life. Angerness for your love is the caring for you only. Noticing on every point and getting angry is also a sign of love
She ignores you – After a breakup, even she calls and message you that means she needs you but still you are not giving a positive response then after she starts ignoring you. But take that ignoring sign into positive sign she does all this thing to grab your attention only.
Change in behavior – She is passing his days wondering about you only. So she starts
thinking about you , what you need and what she can do that makes you happy. Slowly but she starts changing her behavior towards you.
Contacting you more – By trying several ways to connect with you is the best sign that you ex loves you more. She tries every hell ways to be in touch with you. That makes good sense that she love you and don’t let you go. Simply she wants to be in your contact.
If you find this signs in your ex then trust me she wants you and doing her all try to get you back. I personally suggest you that a person who truly love you will never let you go no matter how hard the situation is. So go back and accept her.