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July 23, 2018 at 9:43 pm

why good communication is needed in families:
Communication within the family is
extremely important because it enables
members to express their needs, wants,
and concerns to each other. … It is
through communication that family
members are able to resolve the
unavoidable problems that arise in all
tips on how to start and manage communication:
1. Start with a clean slate – In order to start
improving communication, it is important to
start with a clean slate and clear minds.
This may take a bit of work up front,
starting with some tough conversations.
Starting the process by having some open,
raw conversations and getting everything on
the table can be a therapeutic way to start
repairing relationships.
2,Set goals – Goals help keep you focused
on the task at hand and can be used as a
benchmark to work towards. The goals can
be as simple as having a text conversation
with every family member once a week or
as in-depth as setting family retreats once a
month – it is completely up to the family as
to what they’re looking to accomplish.
3. Participate in team building exercises –
When you feel in sync with your family
members, you’re more likely to be open with
them about your thoughts and feelings.
Team building exercises can be a great way
to build up the trust and confidence in each
other that may have been lost over the years
and start working towards a better place.
These exercises don’t have to be put on by
some formal establishment or third party;
even simple tasks such as doing trust falls
amongst each other can be a great starting
4. See a therapist – There is no shame in
seeking outside help when it comes to
familial situations, and communication
issues are no different. Having an impartial
person outside of the immediate family
group take a look at the situation can help
bring new light and insight into the various
situations and really work to clear up
5. Have each member pick a group activity –
Even though you’re related, your family
members may be drastically different from
you, especially in terms of hobbies and
personal taste. By having everyone pick a
group activity to do, you’re not only
acknowledging your differences but
celebrating them. Participating in these
activities may even bring about some
similarities or common interests that were
previously unknown!