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July 12, 2018 at 4:03 am

At some point, men decide that they do not want to be committed to any person, they just enjoy the freedom of being single. They want to enjoy some peace of mind after bolting out of a relationship full of drama and other things.

In the event any man makes such a decision, these are some of the things he wants to focus on:

1. Freedom

Some men decide to be single so that they can finally be free. By this, I mean that they want to do everything that they would want to do which otherwise, they would not do if they are in a relationship.

2. Happiness

Some guys have been in a relationship before, they have been hurt or mistreated by girls they have loved before. As a result, they decide that happiness is not tied to being close to anyone. They believe that being single can grant them the happiness in life.

3. To achieve goals

The time when they are not committed to other “distractive” things like relationships destined for failure, they realise they did not achieve certain goals.

If single though, this the time single men dedicate their time to achieving their dreams. This the only thing they think of and they work for is their dreams.

4. To learn new experiences

Being single gives them an opportunity to try out new adventures. This is the time they get to learn so many things they had never tried before. They also travel to experience the world.

5. To filter friends

They take time to choose, who among his friends are true. Sometimes they are single because of the betrayal of some friends. This period is an opportunity to correct that by making sure that they get the right people in their circle.