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August 27, 2016 at 2:42 am

Hello i opened this topic, as I saw there is not any for this, and thought it would be me to give a credit to this wonderful anime. Let this discussion be the official topic about Dragon Ball Z, and discuss further things about upcoming episodes, goofs, favorite moments, in here.

I would like to point out that Dragon Ball Z is an Japanese anime television created by Toei Animation. Dragon Ball Z is the sequel to the Dragon Ball original anime and adapts the latter 325 chapters of the original 519 chapter.

Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of the main protagonist Goku, the one who protected Earth from the evil villain named King Piccolo, and maintaining a fragile peace. This time he is back with his new son Gohan, and just when the things are getting settled down, new adventures are waiting to begin. In his career as a Z-Fighter, protector of Earth, he discovers that he is from an Elite warrior race, called Saiyans, and soon discovers his roots. Conquering new villains an assortment from intergalactic space fighters and conquerors, unnaturally powerful androids and nearly indestructible magical creatures. While the original Dragon Ball anime followed Goku from his childhood into adulthood, Dragon Ball Z is a continuation of his adult life, but at the same time parallels the maturation of his sons, Gohan and Goten, as well as the evolution of his rivals Piccolo and Vegeta from enemies into allies.

Due to the breathtaking success of Dragon Ball Z, numerous records have been released around the world. Dragon Ball Z popularity has spawned a lot of releases which have come to represent the majority of content in Dragon Ball Z, including 14 movies and 148 video games.

The first anime episode begins with a mysterious alien spaceship landing on earth, causing a momentous explosion. The first one witnessing this is a local farmer from a village, which first freaked out due to the spaceship landing on earth in the middle of the sunny day.

Just when the air is expelling the dust as a result of the strong blast of the landing, the door precariously open, and a humanoid alien emerges from it. Later it appears that is the older brother of the peaceful alien living on earth, Son Goku. He tracks down Goku, , revealing to him that he is his long-lost big brother and that they are members of a nearly extinct extraterrestrial race called the Saiyans.

The Saiyans had sent Goku (originally named “Kakarrot”) to Earth as an infant to conquer the planet for them, but he suffered a severe head injury soon after his arrival and lost all memory of his mission, as well as his blood-thirsty Saiyan nature. Goku refuses to help Raditz continue the mission, which results in Raditz kidnapping Gohan. Goku decides to team up with his former enemy Piccolo in order to defeat Raditz and save his son, while sacrificing his own life in the process. In the afterlife, Goku trains under King Kai until he is revived by the Dragon Balls a year later in order to save the Earth from Raditz’ comrades; Nappa and the Saiyan prince Vegeta. During the battle Piccolo is killed, along with Goku’s allies Yamcha, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, and the Dragon Balls cease to exist because of Piccolo’s death. Goku arrives at the battlefield late, but avenges his fallen friends by defeating Nappa with his new level of power. Vegeta himself enters into the battle with Goku and after numerous clashes Goku manages to defeat him as well, with the help of Gohan and his best friend Krillin. At Goku’s request, they spare Vegeta’s life and allow him to escape Earth. During the battle, Krillin overhears Vegeta mentioning the original set of Dragon Balls from Piccolo’s home planet Namek. While Goku recovers from his injuries at the hospital, Gohan, Krillin and Goku’s oldest friend Bulma depart for Namek in order to use these Dragon Balls to revive their dead friends. However, they discover that Vegeta’s superior, the galactic tyrant Lord Frieza, is already there, seeking the Dragon Balls to be granted eternal life. A fully healed Vegeta arrives on Namek as well, seeking the Dragon Balls for himself, which leads to several battles between him and Frieza’s henchmen. Realizing he is overpowered, Vegeta teams up with Gohan and Krillin to fight the Ginyu Force, a team of mercenaries summoned by Frieza. After Goku finally arrives on Namek, the epic battle with Frieza himself comes to a close when Goku transforms into a fabled Super Saiyan and defeats him.

Upon his return to Earth a year later, Goku encounters a time traveler named Trunks, the future son of Bulma and Vegeta, who warns Goku that two Androids (Artificial Humans) will appear three years later, seeking revenge against Goku for destroying the Red Ribbon Army when he was a child. During this time, an evil life form called Cell emerges and after absorbing two of the Androids to achieve his “perfect form,” holds his own fighting tournament to decide the fate of the Earth. After Goku sacrifices his own life a second time, to no avail, Gohan avenges his father by defeating Cell after ascending to the second level of Super Saiyan. Seven years later Goku, who has been briefly revived for one day and meets his youngest son Goten, and his allies are drawn into a fight against a magical being named Majin Buu. After numerous battles resulting in the destruction and recreation of the Earth, Goku (whose life is permanently restored by the Elder Kai) destroys Kid Buu with a “Spirit Bomb” attack containing the energy of everyone on Earth. Goku makes a wish for Kid Buu to be reincarnated as a good person and ten years later, at another martial arts tournament, Goku meets Kid Buu’s human reincarnation, Uub. Leaving the match between them unfinished, Goku departs with Uub to train him to become Earth’s new guardian.

What do you think about this anime? Please do not read this above if you consider it a spoiler.. I think it is definitely worth giving it a watch!

Dragon Ball Z

August 27, 2016 at 6:04 am

You have copied this post from the Net which is a violation. I suggest that you delete this post and write something in your own words You have copied it from

August 27, 2016 at 8:38 am

Honestly, i used to watch dragon ball with my brother and then with my daughter.


It is a long long episode for this anime


Howver my son doesn’t watch this, he prefers max steel, the robotic and a chap


The animation is different too



August 27, 2016 at 8:56 am

@ Ваљон  I suggest you to follow @bestwriter because you have copied it from Wikipedia. I think the site allowing copy pasted content gets low rating and their advertiser make a distance.