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BCN, Another Project of Nakamoto?
September 15, 2018

The lowest price of a digital currency is only 0.00000001 bitcoin. The trading volume is only 1-2 BTC for 24 hours. In such a bleak condition, BCN relies on thousands of miners to support it. It has survived for three years but still does not return to zero. What is bytecoin-the first digital currency that was born in 2012 years? Is BCN actually related to Nakamoto?


Bytecoin BCN is the first currency based on Cryptonote technology and dedicated to the anonymous anti-machine gun pool, which was released in 2012. There is a currency in the market with the same name bytecoin, perhaps because of this reason, it has not been known to the public. And now the currenct bytecoin to usd price is $0.001935. still very low.


Some people suspect that bytecoin is the second project of Nakamoto, because the author of the white paper of BCN is the person named Nickolas van Saberhagen, and the initials of the name are very similar to Nick Szabo.Nick Szabo is a virtual world god: he is an expert in digital currency and digital contracts. The concept of smart contracts was first proposed by him. Nick Szabo proposed and designed a digital currency similar to Bitcoin in 1998, which was called “Bit gold” by hime, and it is a decentralized digital currency. This is why Nick Szabo is considered by many to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Others say that Nickolas van Saberhagen, Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick Szabo and the three people’s initials are the same (or simple reverse order), so by chance that Nick Szabo and even Nakamoto are inextricably linked.


After three years of silence and negative performance (which can be ssen from the bytecoin price chart history), by July 2017, BCN welcomed the first community leader, Jenny Goldberg. As a community manager, she specializes in social networking, marketing strategy, brand awareness and business development. From the perspective of the LinkedIn, her partner has recognized her professional competence. At present, the Chinese market is also responsible for the establishment of the person in charge of WeChat and the establishment of QQ group. The size of the fans is still small and continues to grow.


The official also changed the mysterious style of the past and began to actively promote. They prefer to use the Asian market as a key publicity area. The official website has specially added the languages of China, Japan and Korea. The development progress is further accelerated.


As for the prospects and risk of this project, I have discussed in one of my past article-<BCN: The Originator of Cryptocurrency, Develops after Silence for Years>. In general, BCN can also be considered in your investment plan, whether it is another project of Nakamoto or not, spend a few tens of dollars to buy bytecoin without affecting your normal life, What if it broke out someday?

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